• Friday 28th Oct 2016
Yama Panchak Begins

The second most noteworthy celebration of Nepali, particularly the Hindus, Tihar starts from Monday. Tihar, otherwise called the celebration of lights or Deepawali, is commended from Trayodashi of Krishna Paksha (thirteenth day of waning of moon in the month of Kartik) to Kartik Shukla Dwitya (second day of waxing moon) each year. The five-day celebration specified as Yama Panchak in Hindu sacred texts comes directly after the best Hindu celebration of Dashain and is praised with much excitement all through the nation. This celebration is thought to be of extraordinary significance as it shows veneration to the divine force of death-Yama-and creatures including crow, canine, dairy animals and bull, who keep up cozy association with people in regular life.

In the interim, individuals the country over will watch the Kaag Tihar or Kaag Puja-worship of crows by offering desserts and dishes Tuesday morning and Kukur tihar, worship of puppies Tuesday evening itself. Earlier, Kaag tihar was commended in the primary day, trailed by kukur tihar. As per the Hindu conviction, crow is considered as the envoy of Yama, the master of death. The cawing of the crows symbolizes misery and sorrow in the Hindu mythology, so the devotees offer the crows sustenance to turn away pain and death in their homes.

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