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Shree Aprameya Swamy Temple


Sri Aprameya temple is located at Doddamallur in the state of Karnataka, India. The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Aprameya Swamy. The temple is popularly known as the Navneeta Krishna temple. Aprameya swamy graces his devotees in the standing position with the divine shanku and chakra in upper two hands, while a Gadha and padma in the lower hands. Lord Sri Rama is believed to have worshipped the deity here for many years. Thus this deity is also called Sri Ramapreya swamy. There is a mandapa (hall) outside this temple which is dedicated the Kannada poet Purandara dasa. The mandala is also named after him, in his honour. The poet is very popular for his composition "Jagado dharana" kirthana, which describes the beauty of Lord Navaneeta Krishna in this temple. This ancient temple is well known for several miracles. Worshipping Lord Navaneetha Krishna here is believed to relieve a person from 'Putra Dosha' and ' Sayana Dosha'.

About the Temple

Several records of the Cholas, mention this temple with other names like Malalur, Malavur etc. Legend has it that a person by name Sarangadhara was wrongly accused of misconduct towards his young step mother. He was abandoned on a nearby rock with his limbs severed. He had immense faith and devotion towards the God. With the blessings of Kanva Rhisi, he managed to reach the banks of the river. That is when his limbs started sprouting again like a young plants (Moleta + Uru). This is reason why the place got to be called Moleturu, which over the time got colloquially called as Mallur. The place also was once called Chathurveda Mangala which was known to quench the knowledge thirst of people visiting it.

The name “Aprameya” means supreme and immeasurable. The chapter 12 of Brahmanda Purana, describes Aaprameya Swami as the one beyond comprehension. His is most benevolent and merciful to all those seeking refuge at his lotus feet. Lord Rama is said to have realised these essences of Sri Apramaya Swamy and thus offered prayers to this lord during his exile. This is why the deity is righty praised as Sri Ramaprameya. According to Sthala Purana, Lord Vishnu is believed to have descended to the earth along with his consort Goddess Lakshmi, to reside at Mallur to bless his devotees. The following hymn elaborates this statement.

    Ajagaamadayasindhu, Vaikuntan
    Jnyana Mantapam
    Aprarthitha Swayam Vishnu Bhaktanugraha

Sri Ramaprameya was also ishtadevata (the god of personal choice) to the Madhava Saint Sri Vyasa Raya, who hailed from this area. The saint was a regular visitor to this temple at Mallur every day, who dutifully worshipped the Lord here. He is also credited with the installation of Ambegalu Krishna that has brought name and fame to the Mallur temple. The renowned Kannada poet Purnadara Dasa in his composition "Adisidalu Yashoda Jagadodhdharana" has praised Lord Aprameya as 'Mahato Mahima'. Many famous saints have penned devotional hymns in praise of Lord Krishna. The Navaneetha Krishnan here is even said to have mesmerised Sri Mummadi Krishna Raja Wodeyar , the king of Mysore, so much that he decided to shift the idol to his Mysore palace. However, the deity is believed to have appeared in his dream and had ordered him to reinstall the idol back to the Mallur temple, to which the Maharaj at once obliged. The king and his queen are said to have generously gifted precious ornaments, which would add to the beauty of this Lord.

The first historic reference about Sri Aprameya Swami goes back to the era of Rajendra Chola, when the temple was constructed by a Chola general named Aprameya of Talakadu. A number of Tamil inscriptions were found giving details of the grants and improvements made to the other Saiva temples. The inscriptions range from the Chola era to late Hoysala period. The holy saint of Sri Vaishnavism, Sri Ramanuja, is said to have stayed here briefly.

Following the Sri Vaishnava sampradhaya, the temple observes Krishna Janmastami in a grand manner. Worshipping this Lord on this auspicious day is said to relieve a person from all his sins. In addition, people pray here for progeny and upon fulfillment, tie silver or brass or wooden cradles in the sanctum of Benne Krishna.


Lord Aprameya Swamy temple’s annual Brahmothsavam take place every year for eleven days in the month of April- May. On eighth day of this Bramotsavam, the rathothsavam takes place.

How To Reach Shree Aprameya Swamy Temple


The nearest bus stop is Doddamalur.


The nearest railhead is Channapatna railway station.


The closest Airport is Bangalore International Airport.

Temple Address

Shree Aprameya Swamy Temple,
SH17, Doddamallur,
Karnataka - 562160.


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • Salvation
  • Wealth
  • Relief from diseases
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Gain Knowledge

Adharam Madhuram Vadanam Madhuram Nayanam Madhuram Hasitam Madhuram Hridayam Madhuram Gamanam Madhuram Mathuraa Dhipate Rakhilam Madhuram

Meaning -Meaning - Sweet are Your lips, sweet is Your face, sweet are Your eyes, sweet is Your smile, sweet is Your heart, sweet is Your gait, O Lord of Mathura, everything about You is sweet.

Alokya Mathur Mukha Madarena Sthanyam Pibantham Saraseeruhaksham Sachinmayam Devam Anantha Roopam Balam Mukundam Manasa Smarami

Meaning -I think of this Balamukundan as the one who looks lovingly at his mother's face while taking milk from her, who has eyes similar to the red lotus, who is the embodiment of truth and intelligence and other forms.

Achutham Keyshavam Rama Narayanam Krishna Damodaram Vasudevam Harim Shridharam Madhavam Gopika Vallabham Janaki Nayakam Ramachandram Bhajey

Meaning -Oh Lord who cannot be perished, who also has names like Keshava, Rama, Damodara, Narayana, Sridhara, Madhava, Krishna, Ramachandra the beloved of Janaki, let me say your name regularly.

Vasudeva Sutham Devam Kamsa Chanoora Mardhanam Devaki Paramanandham Krishnam Vande Jagathgurum

Meaning -I bow to you O Krishna, the ultimate guru, Devaki and Vasudeva's son, and the destroyer of Kamsa and Chanur.


The temple is open From 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM. And 4:00 PM to 8.30 PM. Special Days and Festival days 8:00 AM to 12:00 AM (Midnight)

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