• Tuesday 5th Sep 2017
Purnima Shraddha

Pitru Tarpan is also known as Shraddha. It’s done usually in month of September October starting with the full moon day (Purnima). Pitra Tarpan Vidhi in Gujarati is done by Brahmin. In practice, the karta (the head as per Hindu Act) invites Brahmanaas that day, and worship for their ancestors. Provide them with opulent food, and treats them with all kindness and finally offers “pinda pradaana”. (pind balls made of rice, given as contributions to the Pitru). The Karta then gives "dakshina" to the brahmanaas. Bhadrapada Purnima Shraddha, as Pitru Paksha Shraddhas, is Parvan Shraddha and favorable time to act upon it is either Kutup Muhurat and Rohina etc. Muhurat after that till Aparahana Kaal gets ended. Tarpan is completed at the conclusion of the Shraddha

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