• Wednesday 27th Sep 2017
Navapad Oli Begins

Navpad Oli is a famous Jain festival that is celebrated twice in a year. The Jain community observes the festival of Navpad Oli for nine days. The first Navpad Oli is celebrated on the bright fortnight of Ashwin month. According to English calendar it falls in the month of September/October. The second Navpad Oli is celebrated during the bright fortnight of Chaitra month. As per English calendar it falls in the month of March/April. It falls exactly between Shukla Saptami (Seventh lunar day) to Purnima (Full moon day) in both Ashwina and Chaitra months. The celebration of Navapad Oli begins in the middle of the Hindu Festival, Navaratri. Devotees observe Ayambil tap during nine days of Navpad Oli. Both the Navapad Oli falls among five Shaswata Atthai of Jain. Rest of three Atthai are Chaturmasik Atthai (Thrice in a year).

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