• Monday 7th Aug 2017
Narali Purnima

Narali Purnima, also known as ‘Coconut Day’ is an important festival celebrated majorly by Hindus in the western coastal regions of India. This sacred festival falls on the full moon day in Shravana month according to the Hindu calendar. People from the fisherman community celebrate this festival to ward off untoward incidents while sailing in the sea. The word ‘Narali’ is derived from ‘Naral’ implying ‘coconut’ and ‘purnima’ signifies the ‘full moon day’ and therefore coconut holds an important purpose on this day. Devotees pray to the God of sea – Varuna and offer them coconut. In the other regions of the country, the festival of Narali Purnima coincides with other festivals like ‘Shravani Purnima’, ‘Raksha Bandhan’ and ‘Kajari Poornima’.

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