• Tuesday 5th Sep 2017
Ganesh Visarjan

Today is the last day to immerse the Ganesha idols into the water and preparations for the grand event that takes place on the 11th day of Ananta Chaturdashi every year, have been completed. Although the festival lasts all 11 days, people bring idols and immerse them in half a day, three days, five days or seven days too. The ritual marks the end of the festival, which is celebrated in an especially grand fashion across Maharashtra. During the Visarjan, the idol is immersed into the water body like the sea, lake, pond etc, and a final offering of sweets, flowers and coconuts is made to the idol. The street processions during this day are a feast for the eyes, with fervour and devotion in the air and dashes of colour flying everywhere. The air rings with celebrations and jubilation, as devotional and upbeat songs are sung and played, in the praise of the mighty Ganesha. Thousands of devotees join the street processions and travel miles on foot to bid good bye to their favorite God.

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