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Surowono Temple


Surowono is a Hindu temple, of the Majapahit Kingdom, located in the Canggu village of the Kediri near Pare district in East Java, Indonesia. It was believed to have been built in 1390 AD as a memorial to Vijayarajasa, the Prince of Wengker. As of today the temple is not fully intact.

About The Temple

Surowono temple is a moderately sized west facing temple just like most East Javanese temples. Surowono is adorned with many different reliefs, and many of them extend around the whole building. Everything depicted in the reliefs have to do with the direction. The surface of the temple is decorated with many reliefs. On the base of the structure are eighteen horizontal plaques, night vertical panels, and in the middle was a plain band, which was the midsection of the temple.

Legend and Stories

Surowono temple was built in 1390 but was not completed until 1400. Some believe that this did not start out as a monument to Vijayarajasa, but just a structure that he commissioned. The shraddha ceremony, which is a funeral ceremony, was held in 1400. This is why some speculate the actual completion date. Not much is known about the history or how it came to become dismantled. Today it stands in the small village of Canggu, in the Kediri district right out of Pare. As of right now specialists are trying to reconstruct the base to its original state

How To Reach


Surabaya's Juanda Airport is the nearest.


Surabaya is connected by rail from Jakarta.


All of the major cities and towns in Java can be reached by bus.

Temple Address

Surowono Temple,
East Java.


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • Peace of Mind

Daivi Hyesa Gunamayi Mama Maya Duratyaya Mameva Ye Prapadyante Mayametam Taranti Te

Meaning -According to this sloka, the heavenly maya of God is very complicated, but those who worship God will be able to overcome it.

Balam Balavatam Caham Kamaragavivarjitam Dharmaviruddho Bhutesu Kamo'smi Bharatarsabha

Meaning -According to this sloka, God is the isolated and aloof strength of the controlling and virtuous craving in men.

Ye Caiva Sattvika Bhava Rajasastamasasca Ye Matta Everti Tanviddhi Na Tvaham Tesu Temayi

Meaning -According to this sloka, though the only source of satva, rajas and tamas (good, obsessive and dark) elements is God, they are not present within the God or the deity.

Tribhirgunamayairbhavairebhih Sarvamidam Jagat Mohitam Nabhijanati Mamebhyah Paramavyayam

Meaning -According to this sloka, the entire world doesn't recognize the eternal God beyond them, because they are consumed by the elements of satva, rajas and tamas (good, obssessive and dark).


The temple is open from 6AM to 9PM.

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