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Sri Vedapureeswarar Temple


It is one of the 32 Paadal Petra Sthalam (i.e. temple went by the Saivite Saints who have created awesome psalms on the Lord) in the Thondai Region (Mandalam). There speak the truth 275 Paadal Petra Sthalams in Tamilnadu. Thiruverkadu is remarkable in the sense it is likewise the one's origination of 63 Nayanmar This temple was gone to by the Saivite Saint Thirugnaana Sambandar and formed i.e. Awesome Hymns on the Muruga. This Village was otherwise called Vada Vedaranyam since Lords here show up in their Wedding Posture like the one at Vedaranyam in the Nagapattinam District. In old days, this spot was a backwoods loaded with VeLvela trees swung to get its present name. It is likewise said that Lord Muruga, before His fight with the evil spirit ruler Surapadhman, got His weapon from Sri Karumaari Amman here thus the spot was called as where every one of the 3 Gods, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva have adored the Goddess. Thus She is called as Sri Karumaari here. Ka implies Brahma, Ru implies Rudhra or Shiva, and Ma implies Vedhapureeswarar (otherwise called Sri Verkateeswarar) and the Goddess Sri Baalaambigai (otherwise called Verkanni Ammai). There is a different hallowed place to Moorka Nayanar on the North Eastern side of the external prakaaram. Moorka Nayanar was conceived at Thiruverkadu and was doing support of Saivite Saints by first offering sustenance to them. Nayanar shares sustenance strictly when encouraging the Saivaite Saints. By doing this administration he lost all his riches. On the other hand he later received Gambling as a way to win vocation to serve the Shiva enthusiasts.

Sri Arunagirinathar has sung Thirupugazh on Lord Muruga here and has a different hallowed place confronting west on the South Eastern Side of the temple. The Sthala Vruksham (Tree) is called which is seen on the external prakaaram. There is a Shiva Lingam and Sri Nandhi under the Sthala Vruksham. The Theertham (Water) of this temple is called Velaayudha Teertham framed by Muruga here and has a different hallowed place confronting west on the Lingam and Sri Nandhi under the Sthala Muka nayanars origination. Toxic substance has no impact here. At the point when master Siva got hitched to parvathi in Kailas, earth tilted to the other side on account of the vicinity of everybody in that place, so Agastiyar was requested that go to vedaranyam to adjust the earth. Agastiar said he won't have the capacity to partake in the marraiage cermony and appreciate. Siva guaranteed that he will have the capacity to see their marriage. Agasthiyr wishes he will have the capacity to see both Siva and Parvathi in wedding structure. Here inside the sanctum at the back of linga we see Siva and Parvathi in wedding structure and the marriage occasion is designed. So the spot is known as veda vedanarayan.

About The Temple

Temple here is confronting east. There is a delightful Rajagopuram to enter the temple. When we enter Sri Vinayagar is seen on a hoisted sanctum under a tree. In the wake of intersection Sri Vinayagar, the sanctum of Goddess Sri Karumaari Amman is seen. The Goddess is confronting east. It is said that initially the Goddess advanced from an ant colony. Amman is so excellent with a grinning face and embellished well with loads of blossoms. Sri Subramanyar is found at the praakaaram around the sanctum. Navagrahas are found at the north eastern side of the temple. Sri Brahma is found on one of the dividers confronting north. There is another little place of worship nearby this temple, where an immense ant colony is found under a Peepul tree. Fans offer drain and eggs for the snakes in this ant colony. Camphors are additionally lit here to offer love. The whole ant colony is yellow in shading as fans have connected turmeric powder on it. The temple lake is found before the temple which is so delightful with a little Mandapam in the center. A tall and excellent temple Chariot is stopped in a different Mandapam neighboring the temple. Thiruverkaadu pulls in a large number of fans and visitors ordinary from different parts of the nation. Sri Ambaal here is accepted to be so capable conceding the wishes of the fans adoring her. developed on an unfathomable range and the Raja Gopuram is confronting east. The Rajagopuram is five layered and has different figures on it. Sri Nandhigeswarar situated at the external Prakaaram finished with numerous blooms and Vilvam permitting us to have the Darshan of Sri Vedhapureeswarar. In the Sanctum we can see Sri Vedhapureeswar as Shiva Lingam and behind that we can have the darshan of Parvathi in the wedding stance which is the temple's strength. At the internal prakaaram we can see the four Saivite Saints who have sung Thevaram and Thiruvasagam i.e. Thirugnanasambandar, Thirunavukarasar, Sundarar and Manickavasagar. Likewise the Sixty Three lovers of line at the Southern Prakaaram. Sri Dakshinamurthy is found at the southern side of the Prakaaram. At the south western side there is a different hallowed place for Lord Ganapathi.

The Sanctum and Vimanam is built in style like the posterior of an Elephant (semi circle). One can likewise see Sri Lingothbavar i.e. Linga where one can see the Annapakshi (winged animal) structure on the upper bit of the Lingam and Lord Vishnu in Varaha structure on the lower bit of the Lingam on the rear of the external mass of the Sanctum. Simply behind the Sanctum one can likewise see the divinities of Sri Kasi Viswanathar, Sri Visalakshi, Anabaya Chozhan and Sekkizhar are seen confronting the East towards Sri Lingothbavar. Sri Sandigeswar is confronting south towards the Sandeeswarar is additionally seen sitting and pondering the Lord looking towards the Sanctum. Ambal Sri Balaambigai is confronting South and has Simha Vahanam confronting her towards North. There is a tall Dhwajasthambam before the sanctum. There are independent temples for Muruga here and has a different hallowed place confronting west on the built on a limitless range and the Raja Gopuram is confronting east. The Rajagopuram is 5 layered and has different models on it. Sri Nandhigeswarar sanctum, we can see Sri Vedhapureeswarar as Shiva Lingam and behind that the wedding stance of Lord Shiva and Sri Parvathi. At the internal praakaaram, we can see the Naalvar viz Appar, Sundharar, Manickavaasagar and Thirugnanasambandhar. Alongside them are seen the others among 63 Naayanmaars in succession at the southern praakaaram. Sri Dhakshinamurthy is found at the southern side of the praakaaram. At the south western side there is a different hallowed place for Sri Sannadhi Vinayagar. The sanctum is apsidal which is called Gajabrishta shape (Thoonganai Maadam). Sri Lingothbavar is available behind the sanctum on the external divider. Simply behind the sanctum, Sri Kasi Viswanathar, Sri Visalakshi, Anabaya Chozhan and Sekkizhar are seen confronting East towards Sri Lingothbavar. Sri Sandigeswarar is confronting south towards the Sandeeswarar is likewise seen sitting and thinking the Vimaanam of the sanctum is of the Gajabrishta shape Balambigai is confronting south and has Simha Vaahanam confronting Her towards north. The Shiva Ganaas are seen on the highest point of the temple's dividers on particular bearings, guarding the entire temple. There is a tall and lovely Dhwajasthambham adding magnificence to the temple. There is a different altar for Sri Saneeswarar and Sri Moorgha Naayanaar on the north eastern side of the external praakaaram. It is said that Sri Moorgha Naayanaar was conceived here at this spot. Sri Arunagirinaathar has sung Thiruppugazh on Muruga here and has a different place of worship confronting west on the south eastern side. The Sthala Viruksham is called VeLvela Maram Nandhi under the Sthala Viruksham. The Theertham of this temple is called Velaayudha Theertham shaped by God Muruga.

About the Deity

It is said that Sri Vinayagar (Lord Ganesha) venerated the Goddess here by performing Abhishegam utilizing Valampuri Sanghu (Conch). The Goddess got satisfied with His love and favored Him that the poojas at the temple will first be performed to Sri Vinayagar and after that to Her. Sri Vinayagar can be seen present in the temple generally as we enter the temple close to the Dhwajasthambham. While entering the temple, one needs to implore Him and afterward go further to venerate Sri Karumaari Amman.

Legend and Stories

Brahma was continuing towards Kailash, the child of Lord Shiva, Lord Skanda/Muruga approached Brahma for the which means of the Pranava Mantra "OM". At the point when Brahma couldn't clarify the which means Lord Muruga detained him. Accordingly, all manifestations halted and the devas appealed to Lord Shiva to get Brahma discharged. sent Sri Nandhigeswarar to converse with did not listen to Sri Nandhigeswarar and henceforth Lord Shiva himself drew closer Muruga and persuaded him to discharge go to Thiruverkadu and love him there. Later Lord Muruga went to Thiruverkadu framed a Pond (Theertham) utilizing his Spear (Vel) introduced a Shiva Lingam and loved Lord Shiva here. Thus the Pond here is called as i.e. lake framed with the lance. In this sanctuary we can see Lord Muruga in a different altar with no weapons in his grasp. Additionally there is a Shiva Lingam before Lord Muruga which is an uncommon one. Another legend connected with the sanctuary is that amid wedding everybody including Gods, Devas and Saints accumulated at Mount Kailash to witness the heavenly occasion. Because of this the earth was tilted towards North and Lord Shiva coordinated Sage Agasthiyar to go towards South to adjust the Earth. Sage Agasthiyar asked the Lord saying that he won't have the capacity to see the allowed Sage Agasthiyar a shelter that wherever He implores the Lord he will have the darshan of his wedding. Sage Agasthiyar on his route stayed here at Thiruverkadu and adored Goddess in formal wedding stance simply behind the Shiva Lingam inside the Sanctum. Sage Agasthiyar was honored to have God's darshan from different spots and Thiruverkadu is one of them.


Maha Shivrathri in February-March; Navarathri in September-October; Margazhi Tiruvadhirai in December-January and Panguni Uthiram in March-April are the festivals celebrated in the temple.


Realizing their wishes, devotees perform abishek to God offering vastras. God Shiva is a swayambumurthy. God Shiva and Mother Parvathy are behind the Linga in their wedding form, a special feature in the temple. This is the birth place of Saint Moorka Nayanar, one of the 63 celebrated Saivite Saints. Once, when the Asuras offered inconveniences to Devas, they came and loved Lord Shiva at Thiruverkaadu, to spare them. Master Shiva called His Devi Sri Verkanni and guided Her to take care of His obligations till He has returned from Devaloka. Master Shiva gave her the heavenly slag from His body and favored Her. The Goddess approached Sage Agasthiyar to search for a sacred spot where she can perform the great obligations alloted by Lord Shiva. At the point when Sage Agasthiyar was considering such a spot, he heard an Asareeri (a heavenly voice) saying that the spot where he was standing itself is a sacred spot. Goddess took residence as Sri Karumaari Amman furthermore honored the spot will be uprooted of the considerable number of sins by revering Her at Thiruverkaadu.


Thiruverkadu is about 14 kilometers away from Chennai City. City buses are there from all areas to Thiruverkadu. You can reach this place in auto rikshaws and call taxis.

Temple Address

Sri Vedapureeswarar Temple,
Tiruverkadu-600 077, Kancheepuram district.


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • To seek solutions to hurdles in marriage
  • To pray for children

Kailaasarana Shiva Chandramouli Phaneendra Maathaa Mukutee Zalaalee Kaarunya Sindhu Bhava Dukha Haaree Thujaveena Shambho Maja Kona Taaree

Meaning -Oh Lord Shiva who is seated on Mount Kailash, where the moon decorates his forehead and the king of serpents crown his head, who is merciful and removes delusion, You alone can protect me. I surrender to thee.

Aum Trayambakam Yajaamahey Sugandhim Pusti Vardhanam Urvaarukamiva Bandhanaath Mrutyor Muksheeya Maamritaat

Meaning -We worship the fragrant Lord Shiva, who has 3 eyes and who cultivates all beings. May He free me from death, for immortality, as even a cucumber is separated from its bond with the vine.


The temple is open from 6.00 a.m. to 12.00 a.m. and from 4.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m

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