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Sri Paramapadha Nathan Temple


The Sri Paramapadha Nathan Temple is a Divyadesam and is said to be the place where all the Aathmas finally get the Mukthi. To this divyadesam also, we cant enter along with our body, but only our Aathmas can enter. This divyadesam doesnt exists in Earth. Paramapadham means all the Jeeva Athmas that attain and mingle along with Paramathma and their by attaining Mukthi (Salvation).

About The Temple

This Pramapadham divyadesam is also called as Vaikundam, Thirunadu, Perumilam, Vinnagam, Naranan Ulagu etc. After crossing the good and evil, one can attain this Divyadesa perumal. (ie) Our Jeevathmas will be surrounded by lots of good and as well as evil (or) sinful aspects. By crossing these, we can attain the Pramathma only if we perform lots of good aspects in our life. In Paramapadham, all the times are the same, there is no morning, evening and night and if one attains Paramapadham, he will not feel hungry (or) rather than to sleep. Our human body is made up of Panja Bhoothams, (ie) 5 different particles we can say. After death, our Aathma escapes out from the body made of Panjabhoothams to attain Mukthi. This Aathma tht comes out from the body is referred to as "Nith Soorigal". They could not be destroyed by any earthquakes, typhoons (or) Pralayam. Emperumaan is found along with Lakshmi piratti beside him and Bhoomi piratti is bearing all the Aathmas, which finally merges into the divine foot of Sriman Narayanan and Neela devi, who gives all her help towards the perumal is also found. Periya pirattiyaar is the hamsam of Thiruvarul of the Emperumaan. Bhoomi piratti is the hamsam.


Periyalwar, Sri Andal, Thirumazhisai Alwar, Thiruppaan Alwar, Thirumangai Alwar, Poigai Alwar, Pei Alwar, Nammalwar have done Mangalasasanam on this perumal with 34 Paasurams.


1. Viraja Theertham.
2. Ayiramatha Theertham

Ananthaga Vimaanam.

About The deity

The Moolavar of this Vinnulaga divyadesam is Sri Paramapadha Nadhan. He is found in Veetrirundha thirukkolam on Aadhiseshan facing along South direction, which is said to be the direction of Dharman. Prathyaksham for Aadhiseshan, Garudan, Vishwaksenar, Vishvakseniyar, Nithyasoorigal and Jeevathmas. The Thaayar of this divyadesam is Periya Pirattiyaar.


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • Salvation
  • Wealth
  • Relief from diseases
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Gain Knowledge

Adharam Madhuram Vadanam Madhuram Nayanam Madhuram Hasitam Madhuram Hridayam Madhuram Gamanam Madhuram Mathuraa Dhipate Rakhilam Madhuram

Meaning -Meaning - Sweet are Your lips, sweet is Your face, sweet are Your eyes, sweet is Your smile, sweet is Your heart, sweet is Your gait, O Lord of Mathura, everything about You is sweet.

Alokya Mathur Mukha Madarena Sthanyam Pibantham Saraseeruhaksham Sachinmayam Devam Anantha Roopam Balam Mukundam Manasa Smarami

Meaning -I think of this Balamukundan as the one who looks lovingly at his mother's face while taking milk from her, who has eyes similar to the red lotus, who is the embodiment of truth and intelligence and other forms.

Achutham Keyshavam Rama Narayanam Krishna Damodaram Vasudevam Harim Shridharam Madhavam Gopika Vallabham Janaki Nayakam Ramachandram Bhajey

Meaning -Oh Lord who cannot be perished, who also has names like Keshava, Rama, Damodara, Narayana, Sridhara, Madhava, Krishna, Ramachandra the beloved of Janaki, let me say your name regularly.

Vasudeva Sutham Devam Kamsa Chanoora Mardhanam Devaki Paramanandham Krishnam Vande Jagathgurum

Meaning -I bow to you O Krishna, the ultimate guru, Devaki and Vasudeva's son, and the destroyer of Kamsa and Chanur.

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