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Sri Panchamukhi Anjaneya Swamy Temple


At a distance of 20 Kms from Mantralayam, Panchamukhi Anjaneya Temple is situated at Panchamukhi in Raichur district of Karnataka, on the other side of River Tungabhadra. Panchamukhi is said to be the place where Raghavendra Swamy has performed meditation for 12 years before settling in Mantralaya. This is an important pilgrimage site for devotees visiting Mantralayam.

About The Temple

The Hanuman deity at Panchamukhi Anjaneya Swamy Temple is seen here with five faces. The Lord here is self manifested or Swayambhu and is seen in a sitting posture, which is rare. The temple draws a huge number of tourists and devotees, especially on Tuesdays and Saturdays. Apart from Lord Hanuman, one can find the idols of Lord Venkateshwara Swami with His consort Maha Lakshmi and Lord Venkateshwara in Kurma Avatara (boar form) are seen here. Sri Hari, Kurma Avatar and the Brindavan of Sri Raghavendra Swamy in the temple.

The Cave temple and surroundings

The cave in which Sri Rayaru – as Guru Raghavendra - performed tapas for twelve years is on the top of a hillock. Around the hillock there are rock formations which are wonderful to see. Even now the cave has been maintained as it was then and rock-steps of say about fifty or so will lead one to the cave temple. Once you are on the top of the hillock, a narrow passage leads you to the sanctum of the cave temple. Inside the cave one can feel that the place is holy. There is no wonder that Guru Raghavendra had chosen the cave for penance, as the place is serene and looks sanctified even now.

The cave temple is surrounded by unique rock formations. There is a “bed and pillow” formation besides a “vimanam” formed naturally by rocks. Near the ‘dwaja stambam’ there is a stone mace which it is said belonging to Sri Hanuman. Beside the mace is a small shrine for ‘paduka’ of Sri Hanuman where a pair of footwear is kept. About five hundred metres away from the main cave temple on the northern side is the shrine for the grama devatha, Yarakalamma. It is customary to visit this temple also while visiting the panchamukhi temple - it is believed that the pilgrimage is not complete without visiting Yarakalamma.

Legand and Stories

After finishing his pooja of Rama at the cave temple, Guru Raghavendra used to sit for medidation. While on meditation at this cave he had carved the figures of Lord Venkateswara and Sri Lakshmi on the rock. The tapas continued for twelve years.

On a fine day Guru Raghavendra was blessed by Sri Anjaneya by appearing before him in a unique form. Sri Anjaneya revealed himself with five faces ‘pancha-mukha’. The five faces of the Lord were those of Hanuman, Hayagriva, Narasimha, Garuda and Varaha. The form in which Lord appeared before him had been carved in the cave and even today the poojas are conducted to this murti.

Legend about Panchamukhi Hanuman

The legend of Panchamukhi Hanuman is interesting and dates back to the Ramayana days. Lord Hanuman went into Pathala Lokha to kill Mahiravana who had kept Rama and Lakshmana as prisoners there. The only way to kill him was to swallow the five bees that held his life at the same time. To do this, Hanuman required five faces. The Lord granted his wish and each face was an amsam of Lord Vishnu, the faces being Garuda, Ugra Narasimha, Varaha, Hayagriva and his own face. When Mahiravana had taken Rama and Lakshmana to Pathalaloka, Hanuman did not know how to go there. Vibhishana told him that there were only two ways to get there - one through the palace of Ravana and the other through a cave in Dandakaranya guarded by a Goddess named Yerukalamba. Hanuman came to Dandakaranya and found the cave and asked the Goddess to help him to kill Mahiravana. The Goddess asked him to take the help of Chandrasena, who was an ardent devotee of Sri Rama and had been held captive by Mahiravana. It was Chandrasena who told Hanuman where Mahiravana's life source lay and how he could kill him. Once Rama and Lakshmana were saved from Pathalaloka, Hanuman thanked Yerukalamba and told her that the place would come to be known as Panchamukhi and she would continue to guard it.

Temple Timings

Morning: 06:00 am to 01:00 pm
Evening: 03:00 pm to 08:00 pm.( Sun – Fri)
On Saturdays, the temple is open from 06:00 am to 08:00 pm.


There is a belief that God fulfils the wishes of the people who sleep near the Tulasi Brundavan or a garden of basil plants, for a duration of 40 days.

How To Reach Panchamukhi Anjaneya Swamy Temple


Nearest airport is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport.


Nearest railway station is Raichur Railway Station.


The temple of Panchamukhi Aanjaneya Swamy is located on the banks of river Tungabhadra about 20 km to the north of Mantralayam. It is on the Karnataka – Andhra border coming under Karnataka state about 2 km from Ganadhala village. Bus facilities are available on this route with buses from Mantralayam to Raichur and Manvi passing via Panchamukhi. Private transportation (Tempo/Auto) facilities are also available from Mantralayam to Panchamukhi. If it is on a sharing basis it works out cheaper, otherwise it may cost more.

Temple Address

Sri Panchamukhi Anjaneya Swamy Temple,
Panchamukhi, Raichur, Karnataka,
Karnataka, India, Pincode – 584140.


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • For purity of mind
  • For success in all endeavours
  • To be fearless
  • For removal of poisoning and black magic
  • For prosperity
  • For knowledge

Mano Javam , Maruda Thulya Vegam, Jithendriyam Buddhi Matham Varishtam, Vatha Atmajam Vanara Yudha Mukhyam, Sree Rama Dootham Sirasa Namami

Meaning -I bow my head to salute Rama's messenger, who has won over His mind, who is as fast as the wind, who has mastered his organs, who is the most knowledgeable, who is the wind God's son, and who leads as the chief in the army of monkeys.

Anjaneya Madhi Paatalaananam, Kanjanaadri Kamaneeya Vigraham, Paarijatha Tharu Moola Vaasinam, Bhaavayami Bhava mana Nandanam

Meaning -I bow before the wind God's darling son, Anjana's son, the great killer of ogres, who is handsome and like a golden mountain, who lives near Parijatha tree's roots.

Divya Mangala Dehaaya Peethambara Dharayacha Thaptha Kanchana Varnaaya Mangalam Shri Hanumathey

Meaning -Oh Lord Hanuman who has a mystical form, who adorns a silk garment in yellow and who looks similar to molten gold, let thy be auspiciousness.

Anjana Nandanam Veeram Janaki Soka Naasanam, Kapeesa Maksha Hantharam, Vandhe Lanka Bhayankaram

Meaning -We salute Lanka's horror, Anjana's brave son, who ended Sita's sorrows, the ruler of monkeys and the one who killed Aksha, Ravana's son.

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