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Sri Kannayiranathar Temple


This Shivastalam is located at a distance of 3 km from Vaitheeswaran Koyil and is the 17th in the series of Tevara Stalams located to the North of the river of Kaveri in the Chola Kingdom. This Kannaar Koyil is also called as Kurumaanakkudi and Kannaayiranaar Koyil.

About the Temple

The Vimanam and the main deity can be viewed simultaneously from a vantage point, as Sri Kannayiranathar Temple has been designed in such a unique way. Rajagopuram is absent and images of Shiva seated on the Vrishabha mount, flanked by Ganesha and Skanda on either side are present. This temple is referred to as Kuruvaaniyakkudi in inscriptions from the time of Raja Raja Chola-I. After Sirkazhi visit, Sambandar is said to have come to Kannaar Koyil.

About the Deity

The main deity is Shiva in the form of a Lingam. It has cavities symbolizing the sahasra netra (aayiram kann) that constitute the name of the main deity. Images of Narthana Vinayaka, Dakshinamurthy, Lingodbhava, Bhrahma and Durga adorn the niches. Shrines of Ganesha, in bas relief and of Skanda on either side of a mandapam, enshrine the deity. Gajalakshmi, Subramanya, Bhairava, Saneeswara and Chandra have subsidiary shrines. Images personifying the 12 zodiac signs are outside of the shrine of Shiva’s consort, Sugandha kundalaambaal. Here other deities are also enshrined like processional images of Chandrasekhara, Nataraja, Somaskanda. Located across the temple is the Indra Theertham tank.

Legend and stories

According to legend, here the Devas prayed to Lord Shiva to rid their King Indra of the curse of Gowtama Rishi who had cursed his body to be covered with a great number of eyes, as he had deceived Ahalya. It is also said that, Vamanar (an avatar of Vishnu) obtained the blessings of Lord Shiva before his setting out to Mahabali's court hence giving the name Kurumaanikkudi.


Each day, five worship services are offered. In the month of Kaartikai, festivities are observed where, on Sundays, processions are part of the temple festivities.



The closet air terminals are Trichy and Chennai.


Regular trains to Nagapattinam from other major cities of the country are available.


Nagapattinam is via regular buses well connected to other major cities of the country.

Temple Addresss

Arulmighu Kannayiranathar Temple,
Kondattur Post,
Tarangambadi Taluk,
Nagapattinam District,
PIN 609117


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • Salvation
  • Wealth
  • Relief from diseases
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Gain Knowledge

Kailaasarana Shiva Chandramouli Phaneendra Maathaa Mukutee Zalaalee Kaarunya Sindhu Bhava Dukha Haaree Thujaveena Shambho Maja Kona Taaree

Meaning -Oh Lord Shiva who is seated on Mount Kailash, where the moon decorates his forehead and the king of serpents crown his head, who is merciful and removes delusion, You alone can protect me. I surrender to thee.

Aum Trayambakam Yajaamahey Sugandhim Pusti Vardhanam Urvaarukamiva Bandhanaath Mrutyor Muksheeya Maamritaat

Meaning -We worship the fragrant Lord Shiva, who has 3 eyes and who cultivates all beings. May He free me from death, for immortality, as even a cucumber is separated from its bond with the vine.

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