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Sri Aabhathsagayeswarar Temple


The Anniyur Abathsahayeswarar Temple is situated in Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu, India. The chronological name of the place is Tiru Anniyur.

About the Temple

The sanctuary has been lauded in the Thevaram psalms of Saints Tirugnana Sambandar and Tirunavukkarasar. This is the 22nd Shiva sanctuary on the northern bank of Cauvery lauded in Thevaram psalms Lord Shiva is a Swayambumurthy in the sanctuary. Master is likewise commended as Agnipureeswarar. The beams of Sun fall on the Lord for five days in the month of Panguni-March-April. Ruler Muruga with His consorts Valli and Deivanai shows up with Kuzhai-circle shape ear rings Varuna the God of Rain and King Harichandra had revered Lord Shiva in this sanctuary. Planets Sun, Sani Bhagwan and Lord Bhairava are next to each other in a sanctuary. In spite of the fact that Sani Bhagwan, child of Sun is by and large considered a malefic planet, He is all great to devotees in the sanctuary. Those confronting antagonistic Sani perspectives implore here for alleviation.

Ruler Muruga with His consorts graces gloriously in an alternate structure wearing Kuzhai a circle shape outline ear rings. It is trusted that Lord Shiva is as Agni in the sanctuary, subsequently additionally the name Agnipureeswarar. Those performing ceremonies for the progenitors go to Lord Shiva here for Atma Shanti. 5 days amid the Panguni month-March-April, the beams of Sun fall on the Lord. The occasion of Rathi the spouse of Manmatha adoring Lord is seen in Karthikai month (November-December) with unique pujas. Mother Perianayaki is all benevolent to fans from Her shrine.On Aadi Pooram in July-August and Aavani Moola star day, virgins confronting delay in marriage, attach bangles to Mother and petition God for early favorable marriage. There are two Dakshinamurthis side by side. Lord Medha Dakshinamurthy has His sanctuary. Nandhi is at His feet.

About the Deity

The presiding deity is Shiva. He is called as Abathsahayeswarar. His consort is known as Perianayaki.

Legend and Stories

Demon Taraka was bothering the Devas with the shelter he got from Brahmma. Devas fell at the feet of Lord Shiva for security. As Lord Shiva was in profound reflection, they couldn't wake him up. So they connected with cupid-Manmatha the power to trigger energy in the brain of anybody to shoot the bolt of blossoms on Lord. Opening His temple eye in anger, Lord Shiva diminished Manmatha to fiery remains. His significant other Rathi asked the Lord for her better half. Ruler said that she would get him back at a suitable time. Rathi performed atonement on Lord. Manmatha was reestablished to life and they both together loved Lord Shiva in this sanctuary. Giving darshan to them Lord came in here as a swayambulinga.


Maha Shivrathri in February-March; Vaikasi Visakam in May-June and Tirukarthikai in November-December are the festivals celebrated in the temple.

Prasad & offering

Devotees perform special abishek and pujas to Lord and Mother offering vastras and curd rice nivedhana.


Ladies ask here for long life span of their husband, Sumangali status and from any grievances they may have. For Hindu ladies, the riches they wish for is the wearing of the Mangalsutra the wedding tie, the kumkum tilak, ear rings, bangles and the Metti in their toes till the end of their life. Widowhood is a condemnation they might not want to bear and endure. They go to Lord for this success. This is their Sumangali status. For Hindu ladies, all other riches are absolutely secondary. People appeal to God for intelligence and incredibleness in academics. Guardians conceding their children in schools, perform extraordinary pujas to both Dakshinamurthis looking for gifts for good education.

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The temple is 6 km from Mayiladuthurai. Buses are available only at specific hours. The temple is very near the bus stop. The closest railways are in Mayiladuthurai, and the closest airport is in Trichy, with the next closest in Chennai.

Temple Address

Sri Abathsahayeswarar Temple,
Ponnur, Pandur Post
Via Needur, Mayiladuthurai Taluk,
Nagapattinam district.
. Pincode -609 203,


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • Salvation
  • Wealth
  • Relief from diseases
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Gain Knowledge

Balam Balavatam Caham Kamaragavivarjitam Dharmaviruddho Bhutesu Kamo'smi Bharatarsabha

Meaning -According to this sloka, God is the isolated and aloof strength of the controlling and virtuous craving in men.

Ye Caiva Sattvika Bhava Rajasastamasasca Ye Matta Everti Tanviddhi Na Tvaham Tesu Temayi

Meaning -According to this sloka, though the only source of satva, rajas and tamas (good, obsessive and dark) elements is God, they are not present within the God or the deity.

Tribhirgunamayairbhavairebhih Sarvamidam Jagat Mohitam Nabhijanati Mamebhyah Paramavyayam

Meaning -According to this sloka, the entire world doesn't recognize the eternal God beyond them, because they are consumed by the elements of satva, rajas and tamas (good, obssessive and dark).

Daivi Hyesa Gunamayi Mama Maya Duratyaya Mameva Ye Prapadyante Mayametam Taranti Te

Meaning -According to this sloka, the heavenly maya of God is very complicated, but those who worship God will be able to overcome it.

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