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Sani Maruti Mandir


Sani Maruti Mandir is located at Gangakhed in Parbhani, Maharashtra, India. This temple is dedicated to both Lord Hanuman and Sani Dev.

About The Temple

The temple is reported to be 60 years old and is built in black cut stone. It contains 11 images, one of Maruti, 9 of the Nav-grahas and one of Muntha, the planet which is to be worshipped at a time when the planetary influence of one of the nine planets is detrimental to itself. The image of Maruti is housed separately in a construction measuring 7.62 m. x 7.62 m. (25' x 25') with an inner 3.65 m. x3.65 m. (12'x 12') where the image is kept. The height of the plinth is about 1.67 m. (5l/2'). The images of the Navagrahas, chief of which is the Sani, are all carved in a single block and about 0.23 m. (9" ) in height.

The temple was founded by Ramcandra Maharaj whose vast'ra samadhi lies opposite to the images of the Navagrahas. The deha samadhi of Ramcandra Maharaj is located at Pihgll. One of the hundred disciples of Ramcandra Maharaj, by the name Baliram Maharaj built this vastra samadhi after he was given a Drspdnta by the revered dead. The temple is now looked after by Sivaram Maharaj, a disciple of Baliram Maharaj and has an inam land for its maintenance. The temples, both of Maruti and the Navagrahas, have domes at a height of about 15.24 m. (50 feet) from the ground. The dome over the latter temple has four minarets built in four corners of the dome. The temples are situated near the municipal building and overlook the river Godavari.


Festivities are held on Chaitra Suddha 15 to celebrate Hanuman Jayanti and on Kartika Vadya 14 to celebrate the Punyatithi of Ramcandra Maharaj when devotees gather in large numbers.

How to Reach Gangakhed


Gangakhed‘s nearest airport is Nanded Airport situated at 66.2 KM distance.


Gangakhed has a train station which is located between Parbhani Junction and Parli Junction.


Gangakhed has direct roads to Parbhani, Parli, Nanded,Ahmedpur,Latur.

Temple Address

Sani Maruti Mandir,
Gangakhed, Parbhani District,
Maharashtra, India.


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • Happiness
  • Removal of worries
  • Removal of sins
  • Prosperity of future generations
  • Relief from suffering
  • Suitable grooms for unmarried girls

Mano Javam , Maruda Thulya Vegam, Jithendriyam Buddhi Matham Varishtam, Vatha Atmajam Vanara Yudha Mukhyam, Sree Rama Dootham Sirasa Namami

Meaning -I bow my head to salute Rama's messenger, who has won over His mind, who is as fast as the wind, who has mastered his organs, who is the most knowledgeable, who is the wind God's son, and who leads as the chief in the army of monkeys.

Anjaneya Madhi Paatalaananam, Kanjanaadri Kamaneeya Vigraham, Paarijatha Tharu Moola Vaasinam, Bhaavayami Bhava mana Nandanam

Meaning -I bow before the wind God's darling son, Anjana's son, the great killer of ogres, who is handsome and like a golden mountain, who lives near Parijatha tree's roots.

Divya Mangala Dehaaya Peethambara Dharayacha Thaptha Kanchana Varnaaya Mangalam Shri Hanumathey

Meaning -Oh Lord Hanuman who has a mystical form, who adorns a silk garment in yellow and who looks similar to molten gold, let thy be auspiciousness.

Anjana Nandanam Veeram Janaki Soka Naasanam, Kapeesa Maksha Hantharam, Vandhe Lanka Bhayankaram

Meaning -We salute Lanka's horror, Anjana's brave son, who ended Sita's sorrows, the ruler of monkeys and the one who killed Aksha, Ravana's son.


The temple is open from 6 A.M to 9 P.M

Weather in Gangakhed
Scattered Clouds
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