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Radha Gopinath temple


This temple is a little distance away from Govind Dev temple and was founded by Madhu Pandit Goswami. Its marvellous construction reveals a glorious past. The main deity Gopinatha, was first installed 5,000 years ago by Lord Krishna’s grandson Vajranabha, and rediscovered by Paramananda Goswami.
Vajranabha had three deities carved according the descriptions of Krishna. Thousands of years later the same deity was rediscovered at Vamsi Vat in Vrindavan. Later it was taken over by Sri Madhu Pandit, whose tomb is located in back of the temple premises.

About the Temple

In the hall leading to the current altar there is a doorway on the right leading to a small temple room. This is the old temple where the original deities were kept before the Mughal invasion during which they were moved to Jaipur. Now the deity being worshipped is called Muralidhar. The temple preist says, ¨This deity was installed after the Mughal invasion. His color is golden like Radha, but he holds the flute to show that he is also Krishna. He is Radha and Krishna in one form.

Legend and Stories

Once, the current of the Yamuna cut into the river bank bank and a very beautiful idol was revealed from under the sand. In the morning, when Paramananda came to the Yamuna to take bath, he found this deity. He entrusted it to Shri Madhu Pandit. First, Shri Gopinath resided near Vanshivat, but later on a magnificent new temple was constructed elsewhere and His service and worship continued there.

Once, Nityananda Prabhu's wife Jahnava Thakurani came to Vrindavan. As she was nearing the altar, she thought that the idol of Radhika was too small and that, if Radhika had been a little taller, it would look much more beautiful. That night, in a dream, Shri Gopinath asked Jahnava to arrange for a taller idol of Radhika. She received similar instructions from Radhika, and had an idol of Her made that was a more appropriate size. Jahnava Thakurani revealed her own idol and established herself in it. She instructed the priests to install the idol of her in the chamber of Shri Gopinath. The priests hesitated to install her alongside Shri Gopinath. At that time, Gopinath Himself instructed the priests to do so and so it came to be that Jahnava stands on Shri Gopinath's left side and Radhika stands on His right.

History of the Temple

InDuring the reign of Aurangzeb, the original idols of Gopinath, Radhika and Jahnava also proceeded to Jaipur together with other deities. The Pratibhu Vigrahas (main deities) now preside in the temple built by Nand Kumar Vasu. The idol of Mahaprabhu Shri Gaurasundara is in a separate chamber. In 1632, the original temple was built by King Ray Singh. Aurangzeb destroyed it. The new temple was built in 1819. Near the new temple to the east is the tomb of Madhu Pandit.



Vrindavan does not have an airport. Nearest airport is the Kheria Airport.

Vrindavan has a railway station but not all the trains stop here. Closest railway station is Mathura which is about 14 Km away.

State buses connect Vrindavan with other cities like Mathura, Agra and Haridwar. There are also direct buses from Delhi to Vrindavan. Most of the buses go to Mathura every half an hour. Vrindavan is just 10 Kms from Mathura.

Temple Address

Radha Gopinath temple,
Vrindavan, Mathura,
Uttar Pradesh, India.


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • Salvation
  • Wealth
  • Relief from diseases
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Gain Knowledge

Balam Balavatam Caham Kamaragavivarjitam Dharmaviruddho Bhutesu Kamo'smi Bharatarsabha

Meaning -According to this sloka, God is the isolated and aloof strength of the controlling and virtuous craving in men.

Ye Caiva Sattvika Bhava Rajasastamasasca Ye Matta Everti Tanviddhi Na Tvaham Tesu Temayi

Meaning -According to this sloka, though the only source of satva, rajas and tamas (good, obsessive and dark) elements is God, they are not present within the God or the deity.

Tribhirgunamayairbhavairebhih Sarvamidam Jagat Mohitam Nabhijanati Mamebhyah Paramavyayam

Meaning -According to this sloka, the entire world doesn't recognize the eternal God beyond them, because they are consumed by the elements of satva, rajas and tamas (good, obssessive and dark).

Daivi Hyesa Gunamayi Mama Maya Duratyaya Mameva Ye Prapadyante Mayametam Taranti Te

Meaning -According to this sloka, the heavenly maya of God is very complicated, but those who worship God will be able to overcome it.


Morning 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.

Weather in Vrindavan
Scattered Clouds
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