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Mother Temple of Besakih Pura Besakih


This temple is located on higher ground. It is the closest to Mount Agung's peak. It has great vistas and is 30-minutes away from the main temple.

About the Temple

This temple is known as Bali’s ‘Mother Temple.’ It has an artistic and unique complex that comprises at least 86 temples. This is the biggest and holiest of the island's temples and is surrounded by breathtaking and scenic rice paddies, hills, mountains, streams, and more. There are three temples dedicated to the Hindu trinity. It has white banners for Shiva, the destroyer; Pura Kiduling Kreteg on the right side is with red banners for Brahma, the creator; and Pura Batu Madeg represents Vishnu, the preserver, with its black banners.

Legend and Stories

Pura Batu Madeg has a central stone which indicates that the area of Pura Besakih was already considered a holy place since ancient times. In the 8th Century, a Hindustani monk had a revelation that asked him to build homes for people during his isolation. Many of his followers died due to illness and accidents. Upon completion, it was called ‘Basuki’, referring to the dragon deity ‘Naga Besukian’, believed to inhabit Mount Agung. The name eventually evolved into ‘Besakih’. There were also other shrines that were built, and Pura Besakih was made the main temple during the conquering of Bali by the Majapahit Empire in 1343.

Best Time to Visit

The best times of the day to visit the temple are early mornings and late evenings. The official guides are easily identifiable with their symmetrically patterned traditional Batik shirts. The service is not free, though not expensive at all either considering how big the complex is. There's no obligation to hire a guide for tours around the complex.


There are at least 70 ceremonies or religious celebrations held each year here, as each shrine has its own anniversary, plus the big holidays based on the 210-day Balinese Hindu calendar system.


Ngurah Rai International Airport or Denpasar International Airport is located in South Kuta district and is just 13 kilometres from the main town of Denpasar. Flights from major international cities regularly fly in and out of the Denpasar Airport. From here, take a taxi to your destination. There are no railway services to Bali. You can take a train to Banyuwangi and then take a ferry from there to Bali. One may take a bus or a road trip, too.

Temple Address

Besakih Temple,
Besakih Village,
Rendang Sub-district,
Karangasem District


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • Peace of Mind

Daivi Hyesa Gunamayi Mama Maya Duratyaya Mameva Ye Prapadyante Mayametam Taranti Te

Meaning -According to this sloka, the heavenly maya of God is very complicated, but those who worship God will be able to overcome it.

Balam Balavatam Caham Kamaragavivarjitam Dharmaviruddho Bhutesu Kamo'smi Bharatarsabha

Meaning -According to this sloka, God is the isolated and aloof strength of the controlling and virtuous craving in men.

Ye Caiva Sattvika Bhava Rajasastamasasca Ye Matta Everti Tanviddhi Na Tvaham Tesu Temayi

Meaning -According to this sloka, though the only source of satva, rajas and tamas (good, obsessive and dark) elements is God, they are not present within the God or the deity.

Tribhirgunamayairbhavairebhih Sarvamidam Jagat Mohitam Nabhijanati Mamebhyah Paramavyayam

Meaning -According to this sloka, the entire world doesn't recognize the eternal God beyond them, because they are consumed by the elements of satva, rajas and tamas (good, obssessive and dark).


The temple is open from 08:00 – 5:00, but it is actually open 24 hours as it is a place of worship.

Weather in Mount Agung
Scattered Clouds
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