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Kuzhanthai Vellappar Kovil


Kuzhandai velappar temple is situated 20 kms away from kodaikanal, in Dindugal District, its falls under the Palani Devastanam. Kuzhalandai means Infant in Tamil, he carries his weapon Vel, hence the name Kuzhandai Velappar. A famous poet, Arunagiri Nadar has sung few songs on this Lord. As the lord is stationed at Poomparai, He is also called as Poomparai Vellapar.

About The Temple

The Temple is built in a classic South Indian style. The sanctum sanctorum faces the east. There is no gopuram or tower. The Flag staff and Peacock Vahan are found near the Bali Peetha facing the shrine.
Dattatreya and Nataraja as the Koshta idols, it’s very rare to find them engraved on the walls of the temple as Koshta idols.
Other Gods around the principal deity are Ganesha, Subramanya, Shiva Linga, Ganesha, Navagraha, Shiva Linga, Ganesha, Navagraha, Bhairava, Idumban, Nagas, and Dakshinamurti.

History of the Temple

This temple is said to have been constructed in the 12th century during the chera period. The Main deity’s idol is said to have been installed by Bogar a siddhar who is believed to have lived in the 4th -5th century. Bogar installed the Kuzlandai Velappar statue made up of Dhasa paashana (ten alloys) which has 64 other medicinal value ingredients than navapashana. There are only two Navapashana idols of Lord Muruga one at Palani and the other one at Poomparai. The Navapashana idol is very powerful. This temple has been amalgamated with Dandayuthabani Thiru Kovil over 50 years and has been managed by the Tamil Nadu government.


The car festival at Poomparai starts with the flag hoisting as soon as the Thai poosam festival at Palani is over. Normally it falls in Thai or Maasi month. On the eve of flag hoisting the Lord is strode on His Rooster Vahan (Vehicle) around the Temple. There after each day he is walked around the temple in different vahans. The second day - Swan Vahan. The third day-Peacock Vahan, Fourth day- Bull Vahan, fifth day-Goat vahan, Sixth day- Bhooth vahan (Ghost), Seventh day- Lion vahan, Eight day- Elephant vahan, On the Ninth day he is walked along with Valli devaiyani, His consorts and graces his devotees. Finally on the tenth day, the end of ceremony is celebrated. The Ten day festival is celebrated with great pomp and show. On the tenth day they thank Lord Palani Muruga who has graced the festival and send him off in the horse vahan to the hill top, they light camphor in the direction of Palani and finish the festival.


It is believed that once when a devotee prayed here he was blessed with a child and he gave chocolates to his dear and near ones. God came in his dream and asked him why he hasn’t offered him Chocolates. So he instantaneously went and offered Lord with Chocolates. It’s very rare that people offer chocolates at temples.


People pray here for child boon.



The nearest airport is Madurai Airport.


The nearest railway station is Dindigul.


Regular buses are available to reach Poombarai from Dindigul.

Temple Address

Kuzhanthai Vellappar Kovil,
Poombarai, Dindigul District,
Tamil Nadu, India,
Pincode – 624103.


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • Salvation
  • Wealth
  • Relief from diseases
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Gain Knowledge

Shadaananam Chandana Liptha Gathram Mahorasam Divya Mayoora Vaahanam Rudrasya Soonum Suraloka Naatham Brahmanya Devam Charanam Prapadye

Meaning -I always take refuge in the 6 faced Lord Guha, who has sandal paste smeared over his body, who is broad-chested, whose vehicle is the peacock, who is Lord Shiva's son and who leads the army of the Devas.

Heyswami Natha Karunakara Dheenabandho Shree Parvatheesha Mukha Pankaja Padmabandho Shree Saadhi Devagana Poojitha Padha Padma Vallesa Nadha Mama Dehi Karaavalambham

Meaning -O! Merciful Lord Swaminatha, who cares for the poor, who is the sun to Lord Shiva's lotus face, whose lotus feet are acknowledged by Lord Vishnu and the others, Valli's Lord, please uplift me by lending me your hand.

Ariru Thadanthozh Vazhga Arumugam Vazhga Veppai Kooru Sei Thanivel Vazhga Kukkudum Vazhga Sevvel Yeriya Magnai Vazhga Aanai Thun Anangu Vazhga Maarila Valli Vazhga Vazhga Seer Adiyar Yellam

Meaning -Oh Muruga, we hail your 12 strong shoulders for they protect us from our enemies, we hail your 6 faces, we hail the Vel, your weapon that broke apart the Krounja mountain to reveal the asura in it. We hail the bird, the cock, that is part of your symbol in the flag. We hail your peacock, that takes you all over the world, we hail your consort Devyani, who was brought up by Indra's white elephant, Airavadam, we hail your other consort, the flawless Valli. And we hail your Bhaktas who worship you as a prayer.

Uruvai Aruvai Uladhai Iladhai Maruvai Malarai Maniyai Oliyai Karuvai Uyirai Gadhiyai Vidhiyai Guruvai Varuvai Arulvai Guhaney

Meaning -O Lord Muruga, you have form and you are formless, you have everything and have nothing, you who exist in the smallest, in flowers, in a bell's ring, in the light. You are the embryo, the life, destiny and fate. Bestow your blessings on us as our guru.


The temple is open from 05:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Weather in Poombarai
Scattered Clouds
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