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Koteshwar Mahadev Temple


Koteshwar Mahadev Temple is a Hindu temple devoted to Lord Shiva, and is situated about three km inside the ‘heart’ of Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. It is located in a cave and attracts thousands of tourists every year. One of the distinctive aspects of this temple is that devotees believe the idols worshipped here were formed naturally after Lord Shiva meditated here.

About The Temple

Koteshwar Mahadev Temple is located in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. While the temple itself is inside a cave, the environments offer mind-blowing visuals of nature. The cave is on the banks of the River Alaknanda. Koteshwar is believed to be one of the many avatars of Lord Shiva. Unlike the custom followed by most other temples in the region, the idols are not brought out frequently or even annually. It is taken out in a procession only once in four years. The river flows close by to the cave.
The most unique aspect of this cave temple is that it has many idols and it is believed that they are all formed naturally. The idols here, apart from that of Lord Shiva, also include that of Parvati, Hanuman, Ganesha and Durga.

Legend and Stories

As per the legend, when the Kauravas were defeated by the Pandavas during the epic war of Kurukshetra, a heavenly voice suggested that the Pandavas pray to the Lord Shiva for salvation and penance for the killings. Shiva was not ready to forgive them easily and hence, moved from the cave towards Kedarnath.
At that time, the demons residing close to the cave requested Lord not to leave but Lord Shiva was not willing to stay to grant salvation to Pandavas Finally He granted the demons a boon that the wishes of anyone who visits the cave will be fulfilled. Koteshwar Mahadev Temple is famous for granting boons to the childless couples.

Fairs and Festivals

The idol of Koteshwar Mahadev is brought out once every four years in a palanquin; decorated with colourful flowers, dazzling ornaments and a golden crown. The idol is provided shade under an attractive and strikingly designed golden umbrella. The temple is adorned and many poojas and havens conducted on Mahashivaratri Day. This is one of the important days in the calendar of the Koteshwar Mahadev temple and attracts a large crowd that participates in the function with much enthusiasm.



Nearest airport for Koteshwar Mahadev Temple is Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun (159 Kms).


Nearest railway station to reach Koteshwar Mahadev Temple is at Dehradun (183 Kms) or Rishikesh railway station (142 Kms).


Koteshwar Mahadev Temple is located at 3 Kms from Rudraprayag. Rudraprayag is well connected and one can reach Koteshwar Mahadev Temple by hire taxi or take sharing jeep or bus from Rudraprayag.

Temple Address

Koteshwar Mahadev Temple,
Koteshwar Chopda Road, Rudraprayag,
Uttarakhand, India,
Pincode – 246171.


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • Salvation
  • Wealth
  • Relief from diseases
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Gain Knowledge

Kailaasarana Shiva Chandramouli Phaneendra Maathaa Mukutee Zalaalee Kaarunya Sindhu Bhava Dukha Haaree Thujaveena Shambho Maja Kona Taaree

Meaning -Oh Lord Shiva who is seated on Mount Kailash, where the moon decorates his forehead and the king of serpents crown his head, who is merciful and removes delusion, You alone can protect me. I surrender to thee.

Aum Trayambakam Yajaamahey Sugandhim Pusti Vardhanam Urvaarukamiva Bandhanaath Mrutyor Muksheeya Maamritaat

Meaning -We worship the fragrant Lord Shiva, who has 3 eyes and who cultivates all beings. May He free me from death, for immortality, as even a cucumber is separated from its bond with the vine.


The temple is open from 05:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Weather in Rudraprayag
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