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Ayyappa Swamy Temple


In the complex, the Swami Ayyapa temple and a four floor high Eswara temple are located side by side. Popularly known as Sabarimala of Andhra Pradesh. This Ayyapa Gudi of Dwarapudi is located in East Godavari district.

About the temple

Dwarapudi which is known as `Andhra Sabarimala' and abode temple of Swamy Ayyappa was crowded on Saturday evening to have `makara darshan'. Thousands of Ayyappa devotees, who cannot afford to go to Sabarimala to have makara darshan thronged to Dwarapudi from Saturday morning. In 1989, Swamy Ayyappa panchaloha idol was installed in Dwarapudi temple in Mandapeta mandal of East Godavari district, by Swami Jayendra Saraswati and the largest Haihara statute, the holy 18 steps and group of temples in one huge complex are the main attraction for this Ayyappa temple.

The Panchaloha idol of Lord Ayyappa Swami was installed in the temple in 1989 by revered Saint Jayendra Saraswathi. Devotees need to climb 18 holy steps, similar to Sabarimala, to reach the main shrine. The temple complex is built in four floors and comprises of huge attractive shrines highlighted by architectural works and divine sculptures. It is believed that the negative influence of Lord Shani (Saturn) in horoscope can be kept away by worshipping in Dwarapudi Temple. In Sabarimala Shasta temple, the devotees have to follow divine formalities which are both traditional and mandatory, whereas in Dwarapudi Ayyappa Swami temple, no such customs are prevalent. That is why devotees of all ages prefer to worship in Dwarapudi Ayyappa Swami temple for the blessings of Lord Shasta. Hence the people of Andhra Pradesh call this temple as ‘Andhra Sabarimala’.

About the Deity

The major tourist attractions of Dwarapudi Ayyappa Temple are huge statues of Hindu Gods. Notable among them include Harihara statue, Lord Nataraja, Shiva Lingam, Lord Anjaneya Swamy, and Nandi.


Makara Nakshatra Darshan is an important event that takes place in this temple every year. This is on that same day when Makara Jyothi is observed in Sabarimala temple. On the day of Makara Nakshtra Darshan, an idol of Lord Ayyappa Swami is carried in a Swan like chariot from the temple complex to Medapadu Bridge. The formalities of the day are started with ‘Ganapathi Homam’ and after that ‘Irrumudi Abeshekam’ is performed for the main Ayyappa Swamy idol. Then the next ritual is to decorate the idol with divine ornaments (Divyabharanam).

For this purpose, the ornaments are to be brought to temple from the house of the Guru Swami as a holy procession. In the evening all the deities in the temple are decorated with jewels and flowers and camphor is lit to resemble Makara Jyothi. This is performed when the Makara star is seen on the sky. On this day, there will be special rituals for the18 golden steps in the temple. Numerous devotees from nearby states who cannot afford Sabarimala journey visit the temple during this time to have the appearance of the holy star.



Dwarapudi railway station ( code : DWP) is very close to this temple and temple is visible from passing by trains. Dwarapudi is a small station between Rajamundry and Visakhapatnam on Howrah – Chennai main line. At north side Visakhapatnam is 181 KM and towards south Rajamundry is 20 KM. If you are travelling towards Chennai then this temple will be at your left side after two stations from Samalkot Jn. After one station (Kadiyan) from Dwarapudi, Rajamundry station will be there. However Express trains have no stoppage here. It is better to get dropped at Rajamundry ( South side, code RJY) and travel 20 KM to reach this temple, or at Samalkot (North side , code: SLO) , or Annavaram ( north side , station code : ANV ).


This temple is connected by a bypass road to NH 5. This bypass road starts from Katipudi Jn on NH 5. Katipudi is 130 KM from Visakhapatnam on NH 5. From Katipudi after travelling 21 KM on Kakinada road at Pithapuram you need to take a right turn at a four road junction towards Samalkot . At this junction at Pithapuram, towards your left side will be famous Sri Kukkuteswara Swamy temple. From here Samalkot is 12 KM and from Samalkot Dwarapudi temple is 32 KM. Further from Dwarapudi temple the same road will join NH 5 at Dowlaiswaram barrage at Rajahmundry (15 KM). The eastern delta canal will be flowing at your left side upto the Dowlaiswaram barrage where it originates from river Godavari.


Dwarapudi Ayyappa Temple,
Kakinada-Rajahmundry Canal Road,
Dwarapudi, Dwarapudi Village,
East Godavari District,
Andhra Pradesh-533 341.


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • Prosperity
  • Bring consciousness
  • Bliss
  • Free from ego

Om Bootha Nathaya Vidhmahe Bava Nandhanaya Dheemahe Tanno Sastha Prachodayaath

Meaning -We worship Lord Shiva's son, Ayyappa. Salutations to Saastha (Ayyappa). May Ayyappa encourage our creativity.

Mattha Mathanga Gamanam Karunyamrutha Pooritham Sarva Vigna Haram Devam Sastharam Pranamamyaham

Meaning -I salute Lord Ayyappa, who has an elephant's gait, who is compassionate and who destroys all obstacles.

Loka Veeryam Mahaa Poojyam Sarva Rakshaakaram Vibhum Parvathee Hirdya Anandham Saasthaaram Pranamaamyaham

Meaning -I bend down to Lord Shastha, who defends Dharma and Sastra and who brings happiness to Parvathi's heart, the fearless warrior that protects all, who has great glory and who warrants great admiration and devoted worship.

Bhoothanatha, Sadananda, Sarva Bhootha Daya Para, Raksha Raksha Maha Baho, Sasthre Thubham Namo Nama

Meaning -I offer my salutations to Lord Sastha, the master of all beings, who is infinitely every happy, who is merciful towards everyone, I pray, protect me great hero.


Like many other temples of this region, this temple also closes at 12 noon and reopens at 4 PM.

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