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Jayaveera Abhayahastha Anjaneya Temple is situated at Krishnapuram, near the town of Kadayanallur, in the Tirunelvelli district of Tamil Nadu, India. This temple is primarily dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

Anjaneya (Hanuman), the most devoted servant of Lord Rama helped him rescuing his kidnapped wife Sita from the demon king Ravana. During the rescue mission, Lord Hamuman is said to have stayed at this place along with the Vanara (monkey) army for a week. The image of the lord here signifies great valor, strength and undying loyalty. He is worshipped as a powerful deity who willingly answers the sincere prayers of his devotees. This place was known as Kishkinda Puram during the olden times but got changed to Krishnapuram over the years.

About the Temple

The sthalapuranam (temple history) reveals that Vastu ultra Hanuman (Anjaneya) had visited this kshetra (place) during the time of Ramayana. The statue of Sri Anjaneya Swamy here is about a feet tall and is south-facing. The idol is made out of a single stone and is firmly placed deep into the ground. The temple which attracts a number of devotees every year is located amidst lush green paddy fields.

According to Legend, Lord Sri Rama (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu) and Sri Anjaneya conducted a Yagna here. A temple was raised here later with the sanctum sanctorum being built on the very spot where this sacred Yagna was performed. The ashes from the Yagna can be found even now around the sanctum, which is offered as prasad to devotees.

Jayaveera Abhayahastha Anjaneya Temple has two caves inside. While one leads to the Anjaneya Sannidhi or sanctum, the other one is said to have lead to Rameswaram Kodi Theertham.

The deity here is called as Abhayahastha Jayaveera Anjaneya, since his hand display a special mudra which signifies Abhaya (without fear). The word “Hastha” in sansktit means hand, while “Jayaveera” means victorious warrior. Lord Anjaneya appears having a foot forward, as if he is ready to help his devotees anytime. While his right hand shows the 'Abhaya mudra', the left hand is seen resting on his left thigh. The deity adorns three types of garlands with a pendant on one chain. He wears an earring on his ear lobes and has his tail raised well above the head, with a small bell tied to its end.

We also find a recently built hall that houses several figures of Lord Sri Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Anjaneya. The southwest corner of the temple complex has a meditation hall which enshrined a figure of Lord Anjaneya in the Yoga mudra form.

Legend and Stories

When Lord Hamuman and his Vanara army were on their way to Rameshwara, they happened to come to Krishnapuram. They were very thirsty and was in search of water. This was when the spotted few swans, cranes and other birds at this place and wondered if there was water around. Their search for water led them to the caves where they found a lady named Swayamprabha, who was devotedly chanting the name of Lord Sri Rama.

Within this cave (this cave exists in Kadayanallur even today), Lord Anjaneya was bewildered to find a palace with lots of fruits around. Meanwhile, Swayamprabha revealed to Anjaneya the story of how the Devendra was liberated from Brahma Hathi Dosham (negativity of killing someone) by rescued the lady from a Asura named Mayan. After this, Swayamprabha was assigned the task of taking care of this palace until she could hand it over to Anjaneya. Having waited for his arrival for many years, she kindly requested him to stay back here, so that she could get moksham (liberation) which would take her back to the Indra Lokam.

Since Lord Anjaneya’s priority at that time was to find Maa Sita, he refused to stay back. But he promised her to return once he finds her. Hence Swayamprabha had directed him to travel further south, in order to find the divine mother.

When Lord Rama was on his way back to Ayodhya in the Pushpaka Vimana after his victory over Ravana, he noticed that a river was actually following his trail. That is when Anjaneya narrated his meeting with Swayamprabha and his promise to return to this place called Kishkinda Puram. On becoming the King of Ayodhya, Lord Rama is said to have visited Krishnapuram along with Maa Sita and Anjaneya.


Hanuman Jayanthi

One lakh Archanais or special prayers are offered to Lord Hamuman here on his birth anniversary every year.

Rama Navami Utsavam

This festival falling in the Tamizh month Panguni (March-April) is another important occasion when Buttermilk and paanagam (a drink made from molasses/brown sugar, dry ginger and powdered cardamom) are distributed to devotees as Prasad.

Purattasi Saturdays

Purattasi (September-October) Saturday’s are considered very special to Lord Vishnu and Hanuman.


Taking a holy dip in the tank at Jayaveera Abhayahastha Anjaneya Temple is believed to relieve one from the evil effects of Brahma Hathi Dosham (killing). It is also said that Lord Anjaneya here is so powerful that he fulfills all the prayers of his devotees within five weeks.

How To Reach Tirunelveli


The district of Tirunelveli does not have an airport of its own. The nearest located airport is the Tuticorin Airport.


Regular trains to Tirunelveli are available from many major cities of the country.


A number of buses are operated regularly from most major cities of the country to Tirunelveli.

Temple Address

Anjaneyar Temple,
57/29, Gopalakrishnaswamy Koil Street,
Krishnapuram, Kadayanallur, Tenkasi Taluk,
Tirunelveli District, Tamil Nadu, Pincode - 627751.


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • Salvation
  • Wealth
  • Relief from diseases
  • Purchase of vehicles
  • Gain Knowledge

Mano Javam , Maruda Thulya Vegam, Jithendriyam Buddhi Matham Varishtam, Vatha Atmajam Vanara Yudha Mukhyam, Sree Rama Dootham Sirasa Namami

Meaning -I bow my head to salute Rama's messenger, who has won over His mind, who is as fast as the wind, who has mastered his organs, who is the most knowledgeable, who is the wind God's son, and who leads as the chief in the army of monkeys.

Anjaneya Madhi Paatalaananam, Kanjanaadri Kamaneeya Vigraham, Paarijatha Tharu Moola Vaasinam, Bhaavayami Bhava mana Nandanam

Meaning -I bow before the wind God's darling son, Anjana's son, the great killer of ogres, who is handsome and like a golden mountain, who lives near Parijatha tree's roots.

Divya Mangala Dehaaya Peethambara Dharayacha Thaptha Kanchana Varnaaya Mangalam Shri Hanumathey

Meaning -Oh Lord Hanuman who has a mystical form, who adorns a silk garment in yellow and who looks similar to molten gold, let thy be auspiciousness.

Anjana Nandanam Veeram Janaki Soka Naasanam, Kapeesa Maksha Hantharam, Vandhe Lanka Bhayankaram

Meaning -We salute Lanka's horror, Anjana's brave son, who ended Sita's sorrows, the ruler of monkeys and the one who killed Aksha, Ravana's son.


The temple is open from 08:00 AM to 12:00 PM and from 03:30 PM to 07:30 PM (Sat: 07:00 AM - 09:00 PM)

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