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Achankovil Sri Dharmasastha Temple


Achankovil Temple or Achankovil Sri Dharmasastha Temple is one of the primary Lord Ayyappa temples in Kerala. Achankovil Shastha Temple is one of the five vital temples of Lord Ayyappan whose icons are sanctified by Lord Parasurama. The other four temples are Aryankavu Sastha Temple, Kulathupuzha Temple, Kanthamala Temple and Sabarimala Temple. Achankovil Temple is around 17 km from Kottarakkara in Kollam District of Kerala. Achankovil Temple is 950 mtrs range from the ocean level.

About The Deity

The managing divinity of this temple is Lord Ayyappa. The symbol introduced in the temple is accepted to be the most established vigraha introduced by Parasurama. The temple cherishes Lord Sree Dharma Sastha alongside his two consorts Poorna and Pushkala in Grihasta Ashram (as a family man). The icon of Swamy Ayyappan in the temple is known as "Rudraksha Sila" and is known for its inexplicable mending power for snake venom. The left hand of the icon of Ayyappa at Achankovil Temple holds sandalwood glue (Chandan) and sacred water (Tirtha). The chandan and Thirtha are said to have therapeutic properties for curing harmful snake nibbles.

The temple holds various sub-gods like Malikappurathamma, Durga, Nagaraja, Nagayakshi, Ganapathi, Muruga, Karuppaswami, Karuppayi amma, Cheppanimundan, Chappanimaadan, Madanthevan, Kalamadan, Kochattinarayanan, Shingali bhootathan and Arukola. The back bit of the temple has a Kavuwhere the Naga (serpent) divinity is revered for the welfare and purpose.


The Thiruvutsavam (yearly celebration) and Mandala pooja is facilitated in the Malayalam month of Dhanu (December to January) for 10 days and celebrated in great style. The Thiruvabharanam (holy trimmings) parade to the temple by means of Punalur, Aryankavu, Shenkottai and Tenkasi is another fascination. Pushpabhisheka is led on eighth of Makaram.

Revathi celebration is facilitated amid the times of January and February. The fundamental offering of the divinity duing this celebration is Karuppanootu to pacify Karuppaswami, an awesome companion of Ayyappa. The Therottam (chariot celebration), Karuppanthullal and Chapparam parade hung on the ninth day of celebration are especially like the ceremonies in Tamil Nadu.


The Achankovil Sastha Temple is famous for curing poisonous snake bites. According to Hindu belief the Planet Saturn has much effect on humans and bad effects known as 'Sani Dosham' will be removed or the power of its bad effects will be lessened by praying and worshiping at Achankovil Dharma Sastha temple. Lord Sastha / Ayyappa is considered as the God governing planet Saturn.

How to Reach Achankovil Sri Dharmasastha Temple

Thiruvananthapuram international airport is about 140 km and Cochin international airport about 180 km. The nearest railway stations are at Thenmala, Kottarakkara and Punalur. The temple is located near the banks of Achankovil river in the dense forest regions of eastern Kollam, about 50 km from Punalur, 85 km (53 mi) from Kollam and 62 km (39 mi) from Kulathupuzha via Aryankavu, Thenmala and Shenkottai.

Different Routes to Reach the temple

Thiruvananthapuram:(124 km) via Nedumangad - Kulathupuzha - Thenmala - Chenkottai
Kollam:(85 km) via Kottarakkara – Punalur
Pathanapuram:(45 km) via Konni - Achankovil road
Kulathupuzha:(63 km) via Thenmala - Aryankavu, Shenkottai
Konni:(41 km) via Kalleli - Kadiyar - Uliyanad - Mannarappara - Thura
Punalur:(43 km) via Kumaramkudy-Mullumala route, but the route is not in a good condition.

Temple Address

Achankovil Sri Dharmasastha Temple,
Achankovil Road, Kollam District, Kerala,
India, Pincode – 689699.


Devotees visit this temple to seek fulfillment of the following:-

  • To be cured of various poisonous bites

Om Bootha Nathaya Vidhmahe Bava Nandhanaya Dheemahe Tanno Sastha Prachodayaath

Meaning -We worship Lord Shiva's son, Ayyappa. Salutations to Saastha (Ayyappa). May Ayyappa encourage our creativity.

Mattha Mathanga Gamanam Karunyamrutha Pooritham Sarva Vigna Haram Devam Sastharam Pranamamyaham

Meaning -I salute Lord Ayyappa, who has an elephant's gait, who is compassionate and who destroys all obstacles.

Loka Veeryam Mahaa Poojyam Sarva Rakshaakaram Vibhum Parvathee Hirdya Anandham Saasthaaram Pranamaamyaham

Meaning -I bend down to Lord Shastha, who defends Dharma and Sastra and who brings happiness to Parvathi's heart, the fearless warrior that protects all, who has great glory and who warrants great admiration and devoted worship.

Bhoothanatha, Sadananda, Sarva Bhootha Daya Para, Raksha Raksha Maha Baho, Sasthre Thubham Namo Nama

Meaning -I offer my salutations to Lord Sastha, the master of all beings, who is infinitely every happy, who is merciful towards everyone, I pray, protect me great hero.


The temple is open from 6AM to 9PM.

Weather in Achankovil
Scattered Clouds
13° 15°

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