• Sunday 17th Sep 2017
 Vishwakarma Puja

Vishwakarma Puja is a widely celebrated festival in India. This festival is dedicated to the God of Architecture. Worshipping Lord Vishwakarma is an integral part of the Hindu religion. According to religious beliefs, Vishwakarma is also the craftsmen of all the God's palaces. He is also believed to have crafted the flying chariots. Vishwakarma Puja involves following a number or rituals and customs. On this day, workers take the resolve of optimizing their efficiency. Some parts of India also follow the tradition of flying kites to mark this festival. In most of the factories, grand pujas are organized. Workers are allowed to feast as a number of delicious dishes are also prepared. The puja is also followed by a number of cultural programs to boost the festive mood.

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