• Sunday 30th Jul 2017
Tulsidas Jayanti

The day of Tulsidas Jayanti celebrates the birth anniversary of Goswami Tulsidas, who was a great Hindu saint and poet. He was also the acclaimed author of the great Hindu epic Ramcharitmanas. Tulsidas Jayanti is observed on the ‘Saptami’ (7th day) of the Krishna Paksha (the dark fortnight of moon) during the month of ‘Shravana’ in the traditional Hindu calendar. For those following the Gregorian calendar, this date falls in the month of August. Ramayana was written originally by Valmiki in Sanskrit and understanding it was only within the reach of scholars. However when Tulsidas’s Ramcharitmanas came into being, the greatness of the famous epic was popularized among the masses. It was written in Awadi, which is a dialect of Hindi. The day of Tulsidas Jayanti is therefore dedicated in honour of this great poet and his work.

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