• Tuesday 26th Dec 2017
Shakambhari Utsavarambha

Shakambari Navratri begins on Paush Shukla Ashtami and ends on Paush Purnima. Paush Shukla Ashtami is known as Banada Ashtami or Banadashtami.

Most Navratri begins on Shukla Pratipada except Shakambari Navratri which begins on Ashtami and ends on Purnima. Hence Shakambari Navratri spans for total eight days. However in some years due to skipped Tithi and leaped Tithi Shakambari Navratri might span for seven and nine days respectively.

Shakambari Mata is incarnation of Devi Bhagwati. It is believed that Devi Bhagwati incarnated as Shakambari to mitigate famine and severe food crisis on the Earth. She is also known as Goddess of vegetables, fruits and green leaves and depicted with green surroundings of fruits and vegetables.

Shakambari Navratri culminates on Paush Purnima which is also known as Shakambari Purnima. Shakambari Purnima is also known as Shakambari Jayanti as it is believed that Devi Shakambari was incarnated on the very same day.

Shakambari Navratri is popular in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and some parts of Tamil Nadu. In Karnataka, Shakambari Devi is known as Banashankari Devi and Banada Ashtami is an important day during Navratri.

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