• Saturday 30th Sep 2017
Saraswati Visarjan

The fourth and last day of the Saraswati Puja celebrations during the Navratri period is observed as Saraswati Visarjan day. It is observed on the ‘dashami’ (10th day) during the ‘Shukla Paksha’ (the waxing phase of moon) in the ‘Aswin’ month of the traditional Hindu calendar. According to the Gregorian calendar, this date falls between the months of September-October. This day is also commonly referred as ‘Saraswati Udvasan’. Saraswati Visarjan is celebrated as the day to bid adieu to Goddess Saraswati and devotees pray for Her return every year. the celebrations of Saraswati Puja begins with ‘Saraswati Avahan’ on ‘Maha Saptami’ and comes to end on ‘Vijayadashami’ with the observance of ‘Saraswati Visarjan’.

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