• Saturday 22nd Oct 2016
Radha Kunda Snan

A heavenly dunk in Radhakunda on the promising day of Ahoi Ashtami is viewed as exceptionally noteworthy. Couples who have issues in considering come here to look for endowments of Goddess Radha Rani, the consort of Lord Krishna. The showering day falls on Krishna Paksha Ashtami in the month of Kartik according to Purnimant date-book followed in North Indian.

It is trusted that a blessed dunk in Radhakunda tank on the propitious day of Ahoi Ashtami helps couples to conceive a child. Because of this conviction, a large number of couples come to Govardhan consistently and take a blessed dunk together in Radha Kunda.

The midnight time, which is known as Nishita time, is viewed as huge to take blessed plunge. Consequently showering starts amid midnight and proceeds for the duration of the night. To look for gift of Goddess Radha Rani to conceive soon, couple perform Puja in the wake of remaining in the water tank and offer Kushmanda, white crude pumpkin which is broadly known as Petha. Kushmanda is offered in the wake of enriching it with red fabric.

Indeed, even those couples, whose desires were satisfied, return to Radhakunda as appreciation of gratitude to Goddess Radha Rani.

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