• Thursday 1st Sep 2016

Bali Pola celebration is devoted to the cows and bull and is observed for the most part in Maharashtra and encompassing areas on the Shravan Amavasi (no moon day in Sawan month). Bali Pola 2016 date is September 1. Agriculturists pay admiration to bullocks and bovines on the day as steers is their fundamental wellspring of job. Safeguard in Marathi signifies 'Bull.'The day before Bail Pola Amavasi, the rope tied on the bull is evacuated and turmeric glue and oil is connected to the assemblage of bovines, bull and bullocks. On the Bail Pola day, steers are washed and extraordinary sustenance arranged like Puran Poli, Kichadi and Bajari are given to them.

The creatures are likewise enhanced with different adornments and garments. Their horns are given a crisp layer of paint. The bull is additionally revered on the day and villagers in substantial numbers accumulate to offer their appreciation. The creatures are taken around the town in parades joined by music. Numerous ranchers additionally begin the following cultivating season on the day. Today, a critical action on Bail Pola is the showcase of bulls by ranchers. Ranchers land at a chose spot to display their bulls. In Vidarbha district, the day after Bail Pola is known as Tanha Pola - pola celebration by kids. In the celebration kids enrich wooden copy of bull. Bail Pola is known as Motha Pola in Vidarbha.

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