• Friday 15th Sep 2017
Navami Shraddha

Navami Shraddha is inspected on the Navami thithi of the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month or the ninth day of the declining phase of the moon of the month of Bhadrapada as said by the lunar calendar. Along with North Indian Purnimant Calenders, Navami Shraddha falls in the month of Ashwin. Navami Shraddha is completed for those departed family members who died on Navami Tithi, together with both Shukla and Krishna Paksha Navami. Navami Shraddha Tithi is also recognized as Matra Navami . This Tithi is the most appropriate day to do mother’s Shraddha. It is supposed that doing Shraddha on this Tithi soothed all departed female members in the family.Navami Shraddha is also recognized as Naumi Shraddha and Avidhava Shraddha.

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