• Friday 27th Jan 2017
Mauni Amavasya

This Amavasya is seen on the day when the Sun and the Moon are in the Capricorn sign. It is on this Amavasya day, Manu Rishi resulted in this present earth and the making of the universe began. On this day, followers of Manu rishi who wanted to abtain Mukthi and Satkarma go on mauna vratha (keeping complete silence} for the duration of the day to keep control over their longings and feelings and accomplish that equipoise which will make us surrender at the Lotus feet of a definitive power known as God or Lord Narayana. The fast of the day renders mental adjust, physical train, otherworldly edification and grave way of life to the onlookers. Individuals as a rule visit Maha Kumbh and have a shower to dispose of their karma consequences for this day.

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