• Wednesday 17th Jan 2018
Mauni Amavas

This Amavasya is observed on the day when the Sun and the Moon are in the Capricorn sign. It is on this Amavasya day, Manu Rishi came to this earth and the creation of the universe started. On this day, religious minded people and those who wish to follow the path of Mukthi and Satkarma go on mauna vratha (keeping complete silence) throughout the day to keep control over their desires and emotions and achieve that equipoise which will make us surrender at the Lotus feet of the ultimate power known as God or Lord Narayana. The silence of the day renders mental balance, physical discipline, spiritual enlightenment and austere lifestyle to the observers. People usually visit Maha Kumbh and have a bath to get rid of their karma effects on this day.

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