• Saturday 5th Nov 2016
Labh Panchami Soora Samharam
Labh Panchami Puja Muhurat

Labh Panchami Puja Muhurat = 06:38 to 10:19
Duration = 3 Hours 41 Mins
Panchami Tithi Begins = 08:51 on 4/Nov/2016
Panchami Tithi Ends = 10:47 on 5/Nov/2016

2016 Labh Panchami

Labh Panchami is considered highly auspicious. It is believed that Puja performed on the day of Labh Panchami brings benefit, comfort and good luck in the life, business and family of the worshipper.

In Gujarat most shop owners and businessmen restart their business activities on Labh Pancham after Diwali festivities. Hence in Gujarat, Labh Pancham is the first working day of Gujarati New Year. On this day businessmen inaugurate new account ledgers, known as Khatu in Gujarati, by writing Shubh on left, Labh on right and drawing a Sathiya in the center of the first page.

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