• Tuesday 26th Sep 2017

Kalparambha, Bodhon, Adhivas and Amantran is done on Shashthi Tithi, irrespective of anu Sandhyakal Muhurat. Kalparambha is an important ritual. During the ritual, Ghata or Kalash is installed and devotee take Sankalpa, pledge to Goddess Durga to conduct the Navratri Puja with full faith and observing all the rituals. Bodhon Puja or Akal Bodhon is the second most important ritual. Devotees awaken Goddess Durga. Adhivas and Amantran rituals are done after Bodhon Puja. Devi Durga is offered humble invitation to accept the Puja. The ritual of inviting Devi Durga is known as Amantran. It is important because, according to Hindu mythology, during Dakshiyana, all Gods and Goddesses go to sleep for six months. Hence it is very vital to first awaken Devi Durga before worshipping her.

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