• Friday 19th Aug 2016
Gayathri Japam Bhadrapada Begins North
Gayatri Japam

Gayatri Japam day is linked with Upakarma and is observed on the next of Shravani Upakarma day. Students of Veda begin their learning with the ritual of Upakarma. The sacred thread is adorned by chanting the Vedic Mantra. The sacred thread is known as Janeu, Yajnopavita and Jandhyam. The next day, the wearer of the sacred thread repeats Gayatri Mantra several times preferably in the morning. The repeatedly chanting of Gayatri Mantra, usually 108 and 1008 times, is known as Gayatri Japam. Gayatri Japam is more popular is South Indian Brahmins. Gayatri Japam day is also known as Gayatri Pratipada or Gayatri Padyami in Andhra and Telangana.

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