• Monday 15th Aug 2016
Damodara Dwadashi

Damodar Dwadashi, or Damodara Dwadasi, falls on the twelfth day of the waxing period of moon (Shukla Paksha) of Shravan month. In 2016, the date of Damodar Dwadashi is August 15 and is committed to Lord Krishna. The earlier day is seen as Pavitra Ekadasi Vrat. Damodara is one among the various names of Lord Krishna and Dwadashi is the twelfth day of a lunar fortnight in Hindu date-book.

A few people proceed with the Ekadasi fasting (observed on the eleventh day) to Damodar Dwadashi. On the Dwadasi day, it is not a complete quick but rather individuals stay away from a wide range of grains and beans.

Damodar Dwadashi Vrat is more mainstream in North India and with staunch devotees of Vaishnavaism.

For the most part, Dwadashi is committed to Lord Vishnu and dedicated Hindus break the Ekadasi fast on the morning of Dwadashi.

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