• Thursday 1st Sep 2016
Bhadrapada Amavasya

In 2016, Bhadrapada Amavasya commends on September 1. This day is celebrated in most part of North India. The precise begin time and term for it will be 14:03 (August 31) till 14:33 (September 1). Whereas this amavasya in North Indian Hindu calender is shravaan Amavasya it is Chaitra Amavasya in Telegu, Kannada Marathi and Gujrati date-books.

In Amavasyant chandramana Panchangams (Hindu lunar schedule) the August Amavasya marks the end of shravan months. Numerous observe this as Shravan somvar vrat a Shiv pujan.

While this day is seen as the most recent day of Krishna paksha of Bhadrapadha month in Hindu logbook it is seen as Avani Amavasya in Tamil calendar. The August Amavasya is seen as Polala Amavasya in AndraPradesh and Karnataka. While as pola or Bail pola in a few states in Maharastra and Northern India.

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