• Wednesday 13th Sep 2017
Ashtami Shraddha

Ashtami Shraddha is the eighth day of the Pitru Paksha. As per lunar (Marathi, gujarati, telugu & kannad) calenders, it falls on the Ashtami tithi of the Krishna paksha of the Bhadrapada month. As per the North Indian punament calendar, it falls in the Ashwin month. It is also known as Arudrashtami when it coincides with Arudra nakshatram. Shraddh rituals are performed to provide homage to the dead ancestors. Shiva Pooja should be performed on this day with the help of a pundit. It is advisable to make offerings to the Lord Shiva in order to mark end to the negativity prevailing around the home and bring prosperity and optimism in the lives.

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