• Friday 27th Oct 2017
Ashtahnika Vidhan Begins

Amongst the numerous Jain festivals, the Ashtahnika occupies an important place. It is one of the oldest Jain ritual observances that can be traced. The Ashtahnika is an eight day observance which takes place in every four months; in Ashadha, which is June and July as per Gregorian calendar, Kartika which is October and November and Phalguna which is February and March. This age-old festival is only next to importance to Dashalakshanaparva. Etymologically the word Ashta means eight Aanika means every day. As mentioned earlier this unique festival takes place in the months of Ashadha, Phalgun and Karthika from the last eight days till the purnima or the full moon day. If the festival happens in the months of Ashadha and Phalguna then the ritual is known as Nandishwar Ashtahnika.

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