Did You know : Why do we smear Holy Ash?

Spots in the body where the holy Ash or Vibhuthi can be smeared and its benefits.

The holy Ash is prepared by collecting Dung from cows that feed on Arukam pul (Durva grass). The Dung is burnt after it is rolled in sawdust and let to dry. This is the Correct method of preparing Holy Ash.

Where can vibhuthi be applied and their significance?

Between the eyebrows : (Agna Chakra) One can glean the wisdom of life.

Throat : (Visuthi Chakra) Increases our energy.

Center of the Chest : Receive divine love.

It is best to apply vibhuthi with the ring finger, it is considered one of the solemn parts of our body.

Holy ash

Why do we apply holy ash, kumkum and sandal paste?

All nerves in our body are connected to the brain, out of which most of them pass the Glabella (space between the eyebrows). Hence the temperature in this spot is always high. Our lower abdomen has the power of Fire However, the heat is felt only in the Glabella region. This can be compared to mechanic pouring water in the radiator to reduce the temperature of the engine. The same way the heat generated by the nerves and brain can be reduced by applying Sandalwood paste.

Did you Know Vibhuthi can be used to drain water from our Sinuses?

The dew drops, sweat and water after oil bath are sometimes absorbed and stays inside our sinuses. This gives people a headache and deprives them of sleep. Applying holy ash (vibhuthi) on the forehead absorbs the water.

The forehead area is always hotter than other regions of our body, which makes it prone to germs, hence we use turmeric and kumkum that’s made from turmeric. The Holy ash, kumkum and sandalwood paste all have germicidal properties. Nowadays most of them have forgotten to use kumkum and turmeric they are solely dependent on sticker bindis. The sticker bindi has a glue that is not good for the skin and it moreover blocks the sun rays from falling on our glabella.

Thiru Gnanasamandar swamigal has sung a thevaram hymn about the Glory of Holy Ash.


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