How Veda Vyasa Outsmart God Ganesha


As per the Hindu tradition, Sage Vyasa narrated the Mahabharata and Ganesha wrote it down. The longest epic in the world was not the job for an ordinary scribe and therefore Sage Vyasa was in search of someone who was capable of penning down his words.

Sage Vyasa, having conceived the Mahabharata, thought of the means of giving the sacred story to the world. He meditated on Brahma, the Creator, who manifested himself before him. Vyasa saluted him with bowed head and folded hands and requested God Brahma to identify the ideal person who can write down his narration of the Mahabharata.

In response to the sage’s concern, Brahma suggested Sage Vyasa to invoke God Ganesha and pray to him to be your amanuensis. Abiding by Brahma’s recommendation, he prayed to God Ganesha who appeared in front of him. Sage Vyasa requested Ganesha to to write down the story of Mahabharata which will be dictated by him.

God Ganesha agreed to the request of Sage Vyasa, however God Ganesha was a very playful God. He immediately came up with a mischievous idea. He knew that Vyasa was capable of composing the epic at a very fast pace. In order to test Sage Vyasa, he imposed a very novel condition. Once Veda Vyasa started narrating the epic, he would not stop. If Veda Vyasa stopped the narration at any time, Ganesha would stop writing and walk away from the whole project. But in response, Sage Vyasa responded with a counter condition which expected God Ganesha to understand each and every stanza dictated to him.

God Ganesh accepted the condition. As the Sage  began to sing the story of Mahabharata, he would occasionally compose a complicated stanza which took Ganesha few moments to fully understand the meaning. During this time window, Sage Vyasa had the opportunity to compose the next few stanzas. Thus, the Mahabharata came to being, written by God Ganesha and dictated by Sage Vyasa.

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