Vaikunta – The eternal abode

vaikuntha-ekadashi-vishnu1This is how Lord Shiva describes Vaikunta to Goddess Parvati, in the Padma Purana:

A devotee who has complete and utter faith in Lord Vishnu, reaches Vaikunta after his/her death. Many Janapadas are present in Vaikunta. The beauty of Vaikunta is indescribable. Grand palaces fully adorned with jewels and diamonds are present everywhere in Vaikunta. Dwarapalas called Chanda, Prachanda, Bhadra, Subhadra, Jaya, Vijay, Dhata and Vidhata guard Ayodhya, which is in the center of Vaikunta. Divine people are the inhabitants of bright houses in Vaikunta.

The ‘antahpuri’ of Lord Vishnu is present in the middle of Ayodhya and is inhabited by apsaras. Lord Vishnu’s throne is situated in the middle of antahpuri and is surrounded by deities and all the four Vedas. Agni, Surya and Chandrama dwell in the center of Lord Vishnu’s throne. A beautiful lotus flower is placed on the yogapeeth, which is a pedestal established on the throne. Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi sit on this lotus flower.

Further describing the beauty of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva said that Lord Vishnu has a divine face, with a complexion of that of a blue lotus. He has curly hair, flowing down from His forehead and has the Kausthuba Mani around His neck. He also has beautiful earrings on His earlobes. His hands hold the Shanka, Chakra and two of His other hands bless the devotees.

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