Thoppukaranam – Super Brain Yoga – How are they related?


Thoppukaranam – Super Brain Yoga

How is it connected with Lord Ganesh??

“Thoppu Karanam” is a tamil word which is derived from the sanskrit words “Dhorbi” and “Karanam”, meaning two hands two ears respectively. According to legends, Lord Vishnu is said to have performed the “Thoppu Karanam” in front of Lord Ganapathi in order to get back his “Sudarshan Chakra” that was snatched away by Lord Ganapathi. From then on, this ritual of Thoppu Karanam came into practise. This ritual is performed during the worship of Lord Ganesha by holding the hands crosswise across the chest with the fingers holding both the earlobe, squatting up and down.

“Thoppu Karanam” in Tamil means “to hold both the ears”. This practice has been widely practised in India, where it is performed in front of the image of Lord Ganapati. Lord Ganapati is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. He stands as a symbol of intelligence and wisdom. “Ga” denotes Intelligence, “Na” represents Wisdom and “Pathy” means Master. In full, the word “Ganapati” means the Master of Wisdom and Intelligence. The practice of “Thoppu Karanam” is believed to stimulate one’s wisdom and intelligence. This practice had been prevalent in the ancient Gurukula System of education, where the Gurus ask their pupil to practice this technique to stimulate and energise the brain cells. Westerners call this technique a super brain yoga. It has even been suggested by several doctors to energise brain cells and neurons, thereby helping them to perform better.

Watch this space to know its benefits….


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