The Story of Diwali – Krishna and Narakasura

The Story of Diwali – Krishna and Narakasura

Birth of narakasura

As per puranas, Narakasura was born to Varaha and Goddess earth-Bhudevi. Though, He was born to the Divine couple he was demonic by nature. As he grew, he tortured rishis and other inhabitants. He did not leave alone the women too. He captured them and kept them in his harem (Anthapura). He also was in the greed to concur the heavens. Only then, he was suggested to mediate on Lord Brahma to become immortal.


Narakasura yielded to it and performed a long penance on Lord Brahma obtaining a boon stating that he will died only in the hands of his mother Bhudevi.  On earing the boon Narakasura became haughty. He captured the heavens, chasing away the Devas. Narakasura and his men, plundered Varuns canopy and Mother Adithi’s earring. Indra was humiliated, he ran to Vishnu for help. Vishnu directed Indra to Krishna, who was in conversation with Satyabama.


“Krishna! O Krishna! Please save us from Narakasura “pleaded Indra. “Calm down Indra, What happened” inquired Krishna. “Krishna! The Tyrannical Narakasura has captured 16000 damsels from the heaven; he has taken away Varuna’s canopy and humiliated the Divine Mother Aditi by snatching away her earrings”. On hearing Indra’s plea, Satyabama got furious,” How dare he insult a women, that too the Divine mother! A lesson ought to be taught to Narakasur” . Krishna casually said “ Narakasura is much stronger than you think. What can a mere woman like you do to kill him”. This triggered Satyabama, she said in an adamant tone “I am coming with you, as your charioteer to kill Narakasura “. Krishna was happy hearing this, he knew what was about to happen. He also knew Narakasura’s end was near.

Satyabama kills Narakasura

The couple started off for the war, with Satyabama as the charioteer. Before Krishna reached Narakasuran’s Palace he had to encounter Mura, Narakasura’s General and a fort of mountains which he handled in one go. The war was intense as Krishna and Narakasaura attacked each other with might. In between, Krishna acted as if he was injured by Narakasura. Satyabama was alarmed and she herself took out her Bow and shot an arrow straight in to the heart of Narakasura. He fell dead. On his death bed he realised that Satyabama was an incarnation of his mother Bhudevi. Satyabama also realised the same and felt bad for killing her son.

Krishna consoled Satyabama and assured that this day will be celebrated as Naraka Chaturdasi and lamps will be lit in the eve. Thus is the Story of Diwali.

Krishna released all the 16000 damsels, got back Varuna’s canopy and Mother Adithi’s earrings.

There are other versions of the story too; they have just a few changes.

A few stories narrate,  Narakasura is the son of Hiranyaksha, the younger brother of Hiranyakasyap and Bhudevi. Another version says Narakasura was killed by Krishna with his Sudarsana Chakra.

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