An introduction to the philosophy of salvation


Swami Ramanuja is a great saint of south India, who has given us an easy way to follow to attain salvation. According to this great saint, vaishnavism is termed as visihta-advaitam, because he says the Brahman is qualified Brahman. The Brahman is the Lord himself. He has six supreme qualities, a divine form and a divine abode. This soul comes from him and it is just an atom and goes back to him after salvation. He becomes body to us in eternal world and we become his body in this world. He is all pervasive & omnipresent. This soul has to undergo many births as animals and worms before getting the form of a human who is superior to all beings on the planet. In this philosophy to attain salvation one need not be a Brahmin, one has to have an inclination to attain it. Vaishnavism is a way of living your life. Anybody from any walks of life can be a vaishnavite.

One has to have enormous faith on lord and seek a teacher who can initiate and teach the way to attain Lord. Doing ones duty is considered as very important in this philosophy.

Artha panchakam the ways to achieve our goal. It explains how to set our goal, how to achieve it, overcome things that stops us to achieve it, improve things need to achieve it, and look forward after achieving the goal.

This is not only philosophical, practising this will help to stay focussed in this materialistic world.

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