The scientific reason behind the holy mark that energizes us

Every Hindu is aware of a mark that is applied on their forehead, exactly in between the eyebrows, commonly known as the Tilak or bindi. While this may seem decorative at most, there is a scientific meaning behind the power of the mark.

Earlier, these marks were different, according to the different castes. The Brahmin wore a mark made out of white sandalwood, thus symbolizing purity. The kshatriya, wore a red mark, pertaining to his profession, the warrior. The Vaishya wore a yellow mark, symbolizing prosperity. And finally, the Shudra wore a black mark, symbolizing his duty to serve the other castes.

There is also another distinction that is followed between the devotees of God Vishnu, God Shiva and Goddess Shakti. Worshipers of God Vishnu, wear a U-shaped mark on their forehead, with a red line in between, worshipers of God Shiva, wear a three line, horizontal mark using the holy ash (vibhuti) and Shakti worshipers wear a red dot on their forehead, usually using kumkum.



Scientifically speaking, it is believed that the spot in the middle of the eyebrows, it the spot for memory and thinking. According to the language of Yoga, it is also known as the Aajna Chakra. As the body radiates electromagnetic waves, this spot is more prone to radiating more energy, thus generating heat at the time of worry and causing headaches. When we use these marks, we cool the said area and stop the loss of energy from that spot.

Usually, the mark has to applied on the forehead, while praying to the Almighty, remembering the Almighty and praying that that pious feeling stays with them throughout the day and give them the strength to be righteous in their work. The mark serves as a reminder of what we had thought of, while applying it and strengthens us when our mind begins to waver.

The bindi has become more of a decoration now, rather than serving its actual purpose. Some even avoid wearing a bindi stating reasons that it is an unnecessary belief. However, it should not be merely rubbished as blind belief, when there is so much scientific reasoning behind it.

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4 Comments on “The scientific reason behind the holy mark that energizes us

  • The other reason is to avoid getting hypnotized by any body,as wearing a symbol of religion will disturb people trying to hypnotize.

    • Team Ishta Devata Post author

      Priya: To a certain extent it is true because the spot where we keep the bindi cools our system down thus making us calmer.


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