Top 10 Tallest Hindu Deity Statues

From the smallest of statues to the most colossal structures, the omnipresence of the almighty is strong at all times. In this post, we look at some of the most larger than life depictions of Hindu deities as a testament to unyielding devotion and also as the pinnacle of human skill. Continue reading to learn more about the tallest Hindu deity statues from all over the world.
1. Shiva Kailash Nath Mahadev at Sanga in Nepal – 143 feet (45 meter)

2. Murugan Murti at Batu Caves in Malaysia – 140 feet (42. 7 meter)

3. Veera Abhaya Anjaneya Hanuman Swami at Paritala near Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh in India – 135 feet (41 m)

4. Shiva at Murudeshwara in Karnataka in India – 122 feet (37 meter)

5. Shiva as Mangal Mahadev in Ganga Talao in Mauritius– 108 feet (33 meter)

6. Hanuman Murti at Jakhu Hills in Shimla Himachal Pradesh in India – 108 feet (33 meter)

7. Hanuman Murti at Nandura in Maharashtra in India – 105 feet (32 meter)

8. Shiva of the Har-ki-Pauri at Haridwar in Uttarakhand in India – 100 feet (30.5 meter)

9. Ganesha – Chinmaya Ganadhish at Kolhapur in Maharashtra in India – 85 feet (26 meter)

10. Hanuman of Carapichaima in Trinidad and Tobago – 85 feet (26 meter)



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