The Tale Of Skanda Shasti


The story of Skanda Shasti is the tale that marks the birth of God Skanda or Kumara and the fulfillment of his life’s purpose of his incarnation.

According to the Indian mythological history, the Devas, who were tormented by the Asuras, along with Indira approached the creator of the world, Brahma, for a solution. In response to their concern, God Brahma replied “Only the spark of Shiva can create the hero who will be victorious over the power of evil”. Unfortunately, God Shiva was in a deep state of mediation and none of the Devas had the courage to wake him up from his trance, let alonE convince him to help them defeat the Asuras.

On evaluating the situation at hand, the Devas decided to approach God Shiva’s wife Parvati and the God of love, Kama. Parvati, in order to help the Devas decided to engage herself in deep meditation to attract the attention of God Shiva. Meanwhile, God Kama agreed to go undertake a daring mission of arousing God Shiva during his deep state of penance. Once God Kama shot the arrow, it disturbed God Shiva and as a result it infuriated him. In his enraged state, God Shiva turned God Kama into asked with the power of his third eye.

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Nevertheless, the efforts of Parvati and God Kama paid off. God Shiva came out of his meditative state but no one could bear the sparks of his fiery seed. The seed of God Shiva fell into the mouth of Agni, and afterwards was received by Ganges, who in turn threw in into the Sara Vana (forest of arrow like grass). As a result, Saravanabava was born who is also known as Skanda – Shiva’s power of chastity preserved through penance.

Skanda was taken care off by the six mothers of divine constellation of Krithikai. He split himself into 6 babies to be raised by six mothers. When Goddess Parvati arrived and collected all the 6 babies, he became Shanmuga- the one with 6 faces and one body.

Shanmuga evolved into Kumara – the powerful child who was also beautiful and handsome (Muruga). Due to his power, he was assigned as the General of the God’s army and he was equipped with the powerful Vel which was given to him by Mother Parashakti. As a result, he is very commonly referred to as Shakti Velan. Skanda engages in a battle with the army of Simhamukha, Surapadman and Tarakasura. The battle prolongs for 6 days and on the sixth day he destroys all of the Asuras. To mark the victory of Skanda over the Asuras, the sixth day of the waxing moon in the month of Ashada (Oct/Nov) is celebrated as Skanda Shasti.

Once the Asuras were defeated, Indira regained his kingdom and offered the hand of his daughter Deivayanai or Devasena in marriage to Skanda. But in order to not discriminate between the rich or poor, Muruga married Valli the gypsy damsel.


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