Sri Krishna Stories – Episode 9 – Krishna and the Asura women- Putana

Sri Krishna Stories – Episode 8 – At Gokul

Like we saw in episode 7, Kamsa was advised by his demonic ministers to kill Baby Krishna. Demoness putana was his his 1st attempt to kill Krishna. We will see if baby Krishna manages to kill the Asura women or the demoness succeeds in killing Little Krishna.

The Demoness Putana took up the responsibility of killing all Babies born in the month of Shravan, as they did not know the wear about of Baby Krishna.  She possesses magical powers and can transform herself into any form that she wishes. She flew around many cities and poison children.  She also happened to come to Gokul, where she heard a few villagers talk.

Villager 1 spoke, “Did you see the little boy of Nanda and Yasoda”

Villager 3: “He is beautiful”.

Villager 1:  sighs “ He is Heavenly I felt blissful in his presence and almost fainted”

So tiny yet, so much mystical power in his Gaze”

Villager 2 : “He looks just like an Angel from Above”.

Putana overheard these conversations and said to herself,  “ Krishna…… An Angel…. “.  The phrase ‘An angel from Above’ made her believe that it must be the boy who has come to kill her master Kamsa. “Surely this is the one, but if he is as powerful as they say he might be dangerous. I must be prepared for him”. Saying so, she flew back to her den. She picked up a venom filled snake and splashed it on her bosom and said “Your Venom must be enough to kill Kamsa’s Angel of Death will be in Danger when he drinks my poisoned milk”.

putna and krishna

She returned to Gokul as a beautiful celestial nymph and walked herself to Nanda’s house. There, she saw many men and women who have come to see baby Krishna. Yasoda inquired, “ Who are you? Why have you come to my House” Putana introduced herself, “ I am a celestial nymph, I have come to see and feed your son Krishna with my Magical breast milk, that grants immortality”.

Yasoda happily showed her baby Krishna. Putana took the baby in her arm and started to suckle the baby in her breast that was smeared with poison. She tried to kill baby Krishna in this manner. But who can kill the baby who has come to uproot evil?  Krishna started slowly and eventually sucked the life out of her. She ran around Gokul shouting “Leave me! Leave me!”  Finally not able to bear the pain she fell dead.

Hearing the spine chilling Shreik, all the gops and gopis gathered to witness the huge women on the ground with Baby Krishna playing on her. The news of the little boy who killed the Asura spread like a fire.

Did You Know?

What happened to Putana after she fell dead?

As per myth, the people cremated her body with all rights and a sweet fragrance rose from her burning body. Although she had evil ideas, she reached heaven, because she breast fed baby Krishna.



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