Sri Krishna Stories – Episode 13 – Krishna gets tied up and releases twin brothers from a curse

Sri Krishna Stories – Episode 12 – Whole Universe In Krishna’s Mouth

Krishna gets “tied up” by Yashoda

This episode of Krishna includes his leelas and how he release 2 brothers from a curse. Let’s get to the story!

Sometimes, little Krishna was so naughty; Yashoda just didn’t know what to do! One day, Yashoda was churning curd to make butter while Krishna was sound asleep. Suddenly, He woke up and insisted that she feed him. Yashoda left churning and began to feed baby Krishna. Suddenly she remembered “ O! There is milk in the fire place.” If she didn’t attend to it immediately, it would boil over! She put Krishna down, and ran towards the fireplace to turn off the fire.

Krishna was sad that she left in between the feed. In anger, he picked up a stone and threw it at a pot of curds. The entire pot of yogurt was spilt on the ground. Still angry, Krishna went to the cabinet where the butter was stored. Getting onto a big mortar, he brought down a pot full of butter and began to disburse it among his friends and some monkeys that were frisking about there. She silently approached him from behind him and caught him. Krishna, however, saw her coming towards Him with a stick in her hand, and He immediately got down from the grinding mortar and began to flee in fear. Mother Yashoda chased Him to all corners, trying to capture Krishna. Although she was tired, she somehow reached her naughty child and grabbed Him. When He was caught, Krishna was almost on the point of crying. The child saw His mother’s angry face while she stood over Him, and His eyes became restless from fear.

tieing krishna to pounder

Mother Yashoda could understand that Krishna was unnecessarily afraid, and for His benefit she wanted to allay His fears. Mother Yashoda then threw away her stick. In order to punish Him, Yashoda brought Krishna near the mortar on which He was standing some time before. She started tying him to the mortar but the rope fell short by couple of inches. She gathered more ropes from the house and added to it but still she found the same shortage. In this way, she connected all the ropes available at home, but when the final knot was added she saw that the rope was still couple of inches short. In attempting to catch and then bind her son, she became very tired. Looking His mother’s tired face; Krishna agreed to be bound up by the ropes. After binding her son, Yashoda felt Krishna could not get into any more trouble. She began cleaning up the mess he had created and engaged her in household affairs.

baby krishna releases the twin brothers


Krishna Releases the Two Brothers

After being tied to the mortar, Krishna was not through with his mischief. Krishna sat down on his knees and caused the mortar to tumble down so that it could roll when drawn. Now baby Krishna began to crawl on his knees towards the twin trees standing in front of the house. The twin trees were, in fact, the two sons of Kubera. Their names were Nala Kubera and Manigreeva. Narada Muni had cursed them due to their impertinence and they had been turned to trees in Gokul. And they would be released from the curse when Lord Vishnu appeared in Gokul as Krishna. Since the curse was uttered these trees had been standing in front of Nanda’s house. So, to keep up the word of Narada Muni, Krishna dragged the mortar crawling in between the trees. The mortar got stuck up between them and when Krishna exerted force; the trees got uprooted and fell down. As soon as the trees fell down, they changed into their real forms, as sons of Kubera. With folded hands, they began to praise Krishna and after seeking his permission, they returned to their place. When they heard the crash, Yashoda and some of the gopikas came running out to see what had happened. They could not believe it when the trees turned into the forms of gods!


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