How is Maha Shivarathri significant to Hinduism?


Maha Shivarathri is the most important festival for the devotees of God Shiva. According to Hindu mythology, a devotee who performs sincere worship of God Shiva on the day of Shivarathri will attain moksha or salvation and all the sins would be removed.

Maha Shivarathri falls on the 14th day of the dark fortnight in the month of Magha or Phalgun (February or March) on a moonless night.

During Maha Shivarathri special celebrations are organized in Shiva temples, it is celebrated throughout the night and day in all the Shiva temples.

Maha Shivratri Festival is also considered to be an extremely significant festival for the women. Unmarried and married women observe fast and perform Shiva pooja sincerely to gratify Goddess Parvati. Unmarried women mainly fast to get an ideal husband like God Shiva.

There are many mythological legends associated with Maha Shivarathiri, some of the well-known legends are that on the day of Maha Shivarathri, God Shiva revealed his Lingam form in the midnight.


Therefore the devotees perform the Rudra Abhieshekham at midnight of Maha Shivarathiri in order to worship the formless Sadashiv.

According to another popular legend, on the day of Maha Shivarathiri, God Shiva and Goddess Parvati got married.

Rituals to worship in Maha Shivaratri include procedures such as bathing the Shivalinga with water, milk and honey. Bael leaves or wood apple are added to, which symbolizes purification of the soul. Then vermilion paste is applied to the Shivalinga, which symbolizes virtue.

Offering of fruits, this symbolizes fulfillment of desires. Burning incense symbolizes yielding health, lighting of the lamp symbolizes accomplishment of knowledge and betel leaves symbolizes the worldly pleasures.

Let us all invoke the blessings of God Shiva by chanting Mahamritunjaya Mantra

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