Why is the holy ash significant in Hindusim?


In today’s post let us see why we apply “the holy ash” also known as Bhasma and vibhuti. This holy ash, which is taken from the homa (sacrificial fire), is made up of wood along with ghee and different herbs which are offered to gratify the Gods. Bhasma means, “that by which our sins are destroyed and the almighty is remembered”. Bha implies bhartsanam meaning – to destroy and sma implies smaranam meaning – to remember.

The application of bhasma therefore indicates destruction of the evil and remembering the divine. Vibhuti – means glory, it gives glory to the one who applies it and raksha which means a source of protection, as it will protect us from evil and ill health. Bhasma is also distributed to the devotees after conducting abishekam on the deity.

This holy ash is applied on the forehead, some devotees apply it on the upper arms, and chest, but most of us apply a pinch of it each time we receive it. This Holy ash – Bhasma is specially allied with God Shiva who smears it all over his body. The devotees of God Shiva apply bhasma as a tripundra or pattai. When applied with a red spot at the center of the forehead, the mark represents Shiva-Shakti (it is considered as the unity of energy and matter that creates the whole seen and unseen universe).

It is also believed that Bhasma has medicinal value and is used in ayurvedic medicines.The Upanishads say that one should chant the Maha Mritunjaya mantra whilst applying the holy ash in the forehead. Hence let us all learn to chant this powerful Maha Mritunjaya mantra, every time we apply the holy ash.

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  • Thanks for sharing but anyone who apply this holy ash in his forehead should always remember that uncertinity of life. Within hisshort span of life one should avoid violence and jelousy towards other and spread love and affection towards all creatures


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