The magic Shivalinga that transforms Ghee into Butter


                                  The Shiva lingam

Gavi Gangadhareshwara is a hill temple where the devotees offer ghee for abhisheka or the divine shower that turns into butter with medicinal properties. This miracle has been witnessed by many devotees over the years.

The other unique things that devotees witness, is the Cave temple on this hill and an underground stream of water called the patalganga.

Standing resplendently on the Shiv Gangehills, that visually appears like an enormous Shiv linga this shrine is also called the Dakshina Kashi. The natural springs found on this hill have the same molecular properties of Ganges, and hence the name Shiv Gange.

The enormous Nandi deity, Shiva’s favorite carrier is perched and overlooking on this hill is yet another visual spectacle in this nature blessed shrine.

Located 54kms from Tumkur town and about 60 Kms from Bangalore, Karnataka Gavi Gangadhareshwara temple is not a shrine to be missed.


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2 Comments on “The magic Shivalinga that transforms Ghee into Butter

  • I have been to this temple. The priest will rub the ghee on the shiva-linga from top to bottom. As he comes down the ghee slowly reverses back into butter! Please take some ghee with you when you are visiting the temple. You can also visit the Siddhaganga Mutt nearby.


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